Saturday, June 16, 2012

Have you missed them?

I realized that I haven't posted pictures or updates on my sweet babies recently.  And they have grown so much!  So many people see the updates and pictures on facebook and my family shutterfly site, but I guess it is time I shared the love here as well!  

Jackson continues to be a happy, sweet little boy.  I can almost see in him the man he will someday be.  He will charm most people with his enchanting energy.  He will love life.  He will also be very sensitive - and my guess is he will have to learn coping strategies to protect his heart.  Jackson is talking so much more now and everything he says is incredibly adorable.  He now says "bee-ah" for "clean up," since we sing the clean up song during many transitions.  He loves to laugh and takes every opportunity to laugh at others or to make people laugh.  His laugh is contagious and beautiful.  Jackson needs kisses from all his family members before naps and bedtimes - he just won't accept a no, even from Addy.   Addy asks him for kisses during the day and he is so cute - he will angle his head just right and grab the back of her head with his hand and lay one on her, lol!  Wow, he is a talented kisser! Jackson continues to steal all the attention wherever we go - people always have to stop and tell us what a beautiful child he is and what a gorgeous smile he has.  Yep, we know:).  He is the love of my life.  I love him so much it hurts.

Addison continues to be my sweet little princess.  She is just (like in the last couple of days) starting to push boundaries and give us looks like, "what are you gonna do about it?"  I have a hard time not  laughing because she doesn't pull off "mischievous" very well.  Addy has really come to love kisses as well.  She is constantly coming up to all of us and kissing us and then vigorously signing and saying "more" so we will stay still so she can kiss us again.  She gets very serious about these kissing games, scrunching up her face in concentration:).  She got very angry with Auntie Cheryl's dogs this week because they just wouldn't lay still for her to kiss over and and over again!   Addy is my persistent problem solver and recently figured out how to climb out of her crib.  We were in the back of the house thinking she was napping and Jason came out to the kitchen to find Addison wandering around very confused because she couldn't find mommy or daddy!  So, we flipped her crib so the tall back that goes against the wall is now facing the rest of the room - and we are hoping she won't figure out that the sides are still short enough to climb:).  Addison is my laid back baby - I am amazed at how she approaches novel or anxiety-producing situations, like doctors visits, with grace and confidence.  I see myself in her in so many ways, but in this way, she is her own little person.  I will always be amazed at how blessed I am to have her.  She is a little piece of me walking around and I just can't get over what a miracle she is.

Here are some pictures of the cuteness:

My all time favorite picture of them:).

Addy and her otter and sippy - both necessary for bedtime.

Doesn't he look so old here?

Wow, I love this boy so, so much.  That smile will always capture my heart.

Mommy and her princess.

Can't you almost hear the giggles in this picture??

He is SUCH a ham - and SO handsome!
I think it is fitting that I am posting this now.  June 10 was the 2 year anniversary of the pregnancy test that changed our lives forever.   How we got that pink line, and how that little bean stuck, will always be a mystery to me.  She was just meant to be ours.  June 24 will be the 2 year anniversary of the phone call that rocked our world in the best way possible.  How his first parents found us, and how it all fell together so perfectly, will never cease to amaze me.  He was just meant to be ours.