Saturday, October 20, 2012

I am here!

I know I am an awful blogger.  As I've mentioned before, I don't often know what exactly to post.  Do I tell you about how neither of Jackson's birthparents have agreed to see him since January and how that breaks my heart?  Or about our recent visit to the petting zoo/pumpkin patch and how fun that was?  Or how Jackson has really been pushing our buttons and I am scared at how angry he can make me in such a short amount of time?  Or how overwhelmed I have been with trying to balance work and home?  Or how my job has really taken a bad turn recently?  Or how my husband's partner and friend was just killed in the line of duty and it has forever changed how I will see myself as a federal agent's wife?  Or how about how Addison just talks and talks now and is such a big girl...a big girl who still asks to nurse many times a day:)?  Or how Jackson gets SO excited about the moon every time he sees it?

Every time I sit down, I just can't organize myself to think about what to write - what is important and what is not, what people will want to take the time to read, what message do I want to send as I write?  When I was struggling with infertility and loss, my purpose was so clear on this blog.  Now I just don't know.  So I'll just leave you with a few pics and if you have a strong opinion on what I should be writing about, please comment!

Our first time to the carnival - they loved it:)!

First time painting (not counting Color Wonder paint).

A guy in the park let Jackson fly his kite - too cute:).

The pumpkin patch.

Addy at the park - she loves the slide.