Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jackson is 6 Months Old!!

Better late than never, right? Jackson turned 6 months old on the 17th, and while I got his pictures done, I did not get a post done. I'm sure you'll understand:). Jackson has become quite the little doll. He loves to laugh and scream happily. He has become a big fan of his jumparoo and loves to jump, jump, jump! He also has become much more skilled with toys and therefore is able to entertain himself more often. We love it! Jackson has finally begun rolling over on a more consistent basis. He won't do it just for fun, but he will do it to get to something very enticing - such as the baby wipes:). This has also led to him rolling over in his crib sometimes at night and then panicking. We hear him start screaming and go in to find him on his belly like a beached whale! The minute we flip him and kiss him, he's back to sleep. Such a cutie! Jax is very close to sitting up on his own, and I can't wait for him to hit that milestone so that we don't have to sit behind him for him to play. Jax LOVES his three solid meals a day, and just started meats. So far, we haven't found anything he doesn't like to eat:). And my favorite new skill of Jackson's - he goes down for consistent naps twice a day and then goes to bed around 7pm and sleeps through the night...yay! Just in time for mommy to be up 4 times a night with his new baby sister. It's like he knew I needed this from him - gotta love this little boy!

Jackson has the MOST adorable fluffy hair and I love to just rub it. He has gorgeous brown eyes and a smile that lights up any room. He loves attention so he will smile and "flirt" with anyone who stops to talk to him. He was the talk of the maternity unit when he came to visit his baby sister at the hospital...all the nurses loved him:). Jax continues to gain weight like a champ and we love those chunky little thighs and cheeks:). I swear, I enjoy my days with him more and more as he gets older. I never thought that was possible, but I just love it. Here is a picture of him on his belly, trying desperately to get back to his back. He still does not love being on his tummy...

I think he may be teething as he has been fussy and sleeping a lot lately. This morning I finally had to wake him up at 9:45am (he normally gets up around 8 or 8:30am) and this is how I found him, cuddling with his blanket, his paci in his mouth. He tends to sleep on his side now more often than not. How cute is he?!

We fall in love with this little man more with each passing day. He is the light of our lives. We couldn't feel more blessed.


  1. He is sooo cute. And wow he has changed like crazy in the last few months!!!!
    Happy 6 months!

  2. He is beyond adorable...they grow so fast! Love, Aunt Pat

  3. Too cute!!! It's good that he is sleeping better for you.

  4. omg he is sooo amazingly gorgeous ( can i say that about a boy ? ). happy 6 months! can you recap what you did to get him to sleep so well?

  5. So cute!!!! And what a good boy deciding to sleep for you right when you need him to most :)