Sunday, November 20, 2011

Addison is 9 Months Old!!

My sweet princess is 9 months old (as of the 15th) and I can hardly stand how amazing she is! She continues to be the most determined and motivated baby I know. She just doesn't give up when she wants something and falling down, bumping her head or mommy pulling her away doesn't even phase her. I am so proud just watching her. Tonight in the bath tub, Addison fell backward and she can't get herself up from that position, so we always have to rescue her. Her face clouded over with shock and fear, and it literally broke my heart. Once I sat her back up, she didn't even cry or whine. She is such a trooper. But I hugged her and kissed her anyway. And I told her that mommy will never let anything bad happen to her. And then my heart sank as I realized, I can't promise that forever. Some day soon, she will be bigger and more independent and I won't be able to protect her from everything in this world. My heart couldn't tolerate that thought, so I just hugged and kissed her some more and tried to distract myself. I don't know if it is because she is my baby (as opposed to my big boy:)) or my girl or what, but I am intensely protective of her. I literally feel her sadness, her pain, her fear to my absolute core. I can't even think about her not being happy. She just always has to be happy. That's all I ask.

Addison is pulling up to stand everywhere on everything. She can cruise along furniture but doesn't choose to often. She seems to prefer crawling. She can really get places fast that way! She is babbling a lot and has been saying "ma ma ma" a lot. She also shakes her head back and forth when I say "no no no." It is so adorable! Addison has pretty much refused all baby food lately. She just sees the bowl and starts waving her hands in front of her and shaking her head. She makes her wants (and dislikes) very clear! We found out recently that she absolutely loves macaroni and cheese and mandarin oranges. Unfortunately, she just picks and can't possibly eat an entire meal of that stuff. She is not getting the nutrients she needs from it. She needs her baby food. But, again, she refuses, so what can I do? She still can't tolerate thicker baby foods, like stage 3, and just gags on them. The doctor tells me to just keep trying and practicing eating food with her and she'll eventually get it. I have a feeling we have a very picky eater on our hands. Addison still gets up twice a night to eat pretty much every night. I also asked the doctor about this - and his answer is that she probably is hungry because she's not eating her solid meals. I was actually relieved to hear him say this. I was worried he would tell me she wasn't hungry and to let her cry. And I just know that's not the case. So, we keep getting up. One day, I will sleep a full night again. One day...

Addison is 19lbs 5oz (61st percentile) and she is 29.25 inches long (95th percentile). She is tall, tall, tall!! She has to wear 18 month shirts now! And 12-18 month pants. It's crazy, I tell you! She is just soooo long! She is gorgeous. I can hardly believe she is mere weeks away from being a toddler. I hope I can survive her growing up, because it is hard to even think about my baby not being a baby anymore. We love you, sweet baby girl! Happy 9 months!


  1. She is so cute! Her legs are soooo long!!!!
    Happy 9 months! And I hope you get a full night of sleep sometime soon!

  2. Happy 9mths to Addison! I can imagine me feeling that way too, just wanting to protect them always from EVERYTHING! And the fact that we cant promise that, freaks me out too :) Would it be wrong to keep them in a bubble till their like 40??

  3. She is gorgeous. I love seeing her smiling face! She and Ethan can be pals because he's in the 97% for height but he's in the 95% for weight. He's a beast. He and Addy can be super tall buddies. Hopefully one or both of my embroys will stick and she can have more friends though I'm a midget so they won't be tall buddies! Happy 9 months beautiful girl!

  4. So cute!! Where do you get the onesies that have the numbers on them?