Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Gift

We were never able to give Jackson's birth mom a gift after she placed him with us. Her circumstances made that impossible. So when we FINALLY got to see her this past weekend under different circumstances, I was so excited to bring something tangible to give her. But what do you give the person who birthed your son (her son) and then placed him in your arms? I mean, there really is no gift that says what needs to be said. I have recently acquired the rights to the digital photos that she had taken in the hospital of her and a very sweet newborn Jackson, so I wanted to do something with those photos. Nothing seemed right. Photo gifts consist of mugs, mouse pads, blankets, etc lol! Nothing quite fit. Shutterly did have a necklace, but it was $50 and that is above our financial threshold for gifts right now if you know what I mean! So, I searched. And I found this:


It was beautiful, affordable, creative and...well, perfect.  It was small: she could wear it, display it, or tuck it away for the days she may need reminding of  how much she is loved.  When I ordered it, I told the artist who created it what I needed it for, and that I did not have a lot of time (it was a last minute visit that just worked out).  She was so sweet and understanding and she made sure I had the gift in time - including adding priority shipping at no extra cost to me.  It was a wonderful experience, buying this special gift from her.  So, if you are looking for a very touching and special gift on a tight budget, I would HIGHLY suggest this etsy seller!  Her website is:  www.frillychili.etsy.com.    She makes so many cool things other than this as well!  Happy shopping:)!


  1. Beautiful gift! Did she love it?

  2. Oh.. That is PERFECT!! It's simple and yet so meaningful. A keepsake for her! :) You are so thoughtful to Jax's birth parents. If I were in their shoes... I would thank the Good Lord everyday for you!



  3. Hey Faith,
    Its Kay from the TTC site. I miss you and remembered your blog from your Christmas card. What an awesome gift you found for Jax's birth mom! Perfect! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! :) Hugs ((()))K

  4. Love that! How sweet and perfect of a gift for her!

  5. Perfect!!!!!!! Nice job!

    I hope the meeting goes/went well!