Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas has arrived!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house. Jackson's GiGi (Jason's mom) is visiting, so we had our first round of Christmas with Jackson last night. It's amazing how his presence makes everything more magical, especially this holiday.

Jackson in front of his first Christmas tree - and lots of presents just for him:).

There is nothing like a gift addressed to Mommy from her child and his daddy to heal an "infertile" woman's heart. The moment was not lost on me.

Jackson sure is one loved boy - here he is enjoying his presents:). He says, "thank you!"

I want to add a note here to all the mommies-in-waiting this holiday season. You have been heavy in my heart and on my mind. It feels odd to me to be the one posting pictures of my child during the holiday season. This time last year, I was just about to find out that we had lost our second baby. Two days before Christmas, I underwent surgery to have that child removed from my body. I will write a post especially for her very soon, but I want to document it here so that these pictures serve a greater purpose - to remind everyone that miracles happen, happiness is ahead. Jackson is our gift, the healer of our hearts. One year ago, we were in the depths of grief. Now, I am posting pictures of my son with his Christmas presents. While it may not feel like it, your miracle is coming. Don't give up. I want to personally wish you a happy (or tolerable, if that's all you can do) holiday season. Please know you are, and always will be, in my most hopeful thoughts.


  1. Faith,
    I was actually just replaying last yr in my head today thinking how much difference a yr makes. You went from being beat down to beating drums in this year. It was hard times. Now, you have hopes and joy bigger than imagined. I have so much more Christmas spirit this yr just knowing Jax has given you the best gift possible already. We all told you to hang in there for the "best was yet to come" and your little drummer boy is right where he belongs. Merry Christmas, we love you guys!

  2. It's so good to remember what I am striving for in all of this.
    Thanks for highlighting (and being honest) about what to look forward to!
    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!