Thursday, January 13, 2011

35 Weeks

It is absolutely unbelievable to me, but I am 35 weeks pregnant. That means that our baby girl should be here in about a month. Wow. I have been asked if I am ready MANY times, and the answer is always "nope." After having Jax, we are well aware that you can never be ready for the way a baby rocks your world. No matter how much baby experience you have, no matter how prepared you are as far as clothes, diapers, etc, there is just something un-preparable (yep, my new word:)) about babies.

At 35 weeks, I feel so blessed. I have had such an easy pregnancy, which is so ironic to me after 2 traumatic pregnancies. I have not had the excruciating pain, sickening nausea, constant sleep disturbances, etc that so many mommies talk about experiencing in the third trimester. I have some minor back and muscle pain, I am definitely tired (although I think Jax has more to do with that than baby #2:)), and I do have moments where I have trouble breathing and my heart races. I am starting to feel "full" all the time. Sitting a certain way makes me feel like my insides are being squished. Eating too much, or not enough, can lead to stomach issues. I get pretty painful leg cramps in the middle of the night. But, other than that, everything is going smoothly. I feel our baby girl move every day, and watch my belly do some pretty creepy things! To see your body moving without any movement or control from you is quite the experience.

I have tried so hard to soakup every moment of this pregnancy, to enjoy each kick, roll and hiccup. I have to try hard because Jackson is just such a precious boy, and it is tempting to just put all my attention on him! But, baby girl deserves our attention, too. I also feel the need to remember every little thing because we anticipate this being our last pregnancy. This is it for me. So, I am enjoying it and just appreciating every little twinge that reminds me she is healthy and growing in there:).

Here is what we look like with about a month to go:


  1. You have definately grown way out since last month. Aren't pg bellies soooo beautiful? Miss ya still
    love C

  2. You look amazing! I cant' wait to see baby girl!

  3. Oh my gosh- you look great!!! I was a whale by 35 weeks! Definitely take the time to soak it all in. I miss being pregnant so much!

  4. Wow - yours is such an amazing story! This last month will go by quickly and then Jackson will be a big brother!!! :)

  5. Wow, you look great!!!
    Also, I can't beleive how fast you hit 35 weeks!
    Soon you will be a very busy mommy, but you can do it!!!!!!

  6. Faith!! You look GREAT! =D

    To be honest with you.. I dont really miss being pregnant. And you may not either! Everyone told me.. "enjoy it while you can!" And while it IS true that obviously it is so much easier when the baby is inside of you.. I can still say that I dont miss it. It wasnt a hard pregnancy or anything .. I just dont miss it! And I totally know what you mean about NOT being ready for baby girl to get here.

    I was 5 weeks out and my sister said.. "Hey!! You only have 5 weeks left!" And I was like, oh.......... yay! =S Because I KNEW how much work was coming! LOL

    Honestly.. everybody says "Its a lot of work... but its worth it!" And while I beleive that with all of my heart... I'm not scared to admit that I really havent made it to the "worth it" part yet! As much as I love my son.. I'm still tired as hell and ready for him to be able to SEE!!!!

    Hopefully, though, you will be able to get both kiddos into a similiar routine and it wont be tiring on you for too long! I will be praying for you!!!

    Love you.

  7. Hello Gorgeous!
    First, I want to say that you look amazing! I'm so glad things are going so well!
    Secondly, Jax is so adorable! I can't stand it!
    And third, sorry for being a terrible bloggy friend! I've just got a lot going on right now. But I still think of you often! And I'm so glad things are so great! :D

  8. You look absolutely amazing! I can't believe that the time is almost here for beautiful little Addison to arrive in this world. She is a very lucky little girl! Enjoy the last 5 weeks (or I agree with Courtney.. I don't miss being pregnant too much and I thought I would. But, I do think it's good to remember each moment because it is the best experience to go through! Can't wait to read soon about Addison's arrival. :)