Thursday, January 27, 2011

Full Term and Total Cuteness

Well, we made it to 37 weeks. I can honestly say I still do not believe it, and I still cannot imagine myself giving birth and bringing home a baby girl any time soon. And yet, she is coming. I don't think it will be real for me until it actually happens. It's just too much to even imagine and wrap my head around. We saw the doctor this week and got an ultrasound, which is always amazing. She is all scrunched up in there (and yep, still a girl:)!!). The doctor estimated her size right now at about 6lbs 9oz. She may be a bigger baby than I thought! They also hooked me up to the monitors because I have experienced slower movement patterns on and off lately. Everything was perfect, which was a great relief to me.

I am starting to be very tired, and also not sleeping well at times. Since Jax has come home, I pretty much pass out when my head hits the pillow for as long as he'll let me sleep. But, the past week has not been as easy. To top it off, I have been sick and that makes it hard to sleep. In the last 3 weeks, I have gotten a nasty stomach bug and now some type of cold/infection. It could be worse, but being sick, sleep deprived and pregnant makes for exhausting days. Add a very needy little guy into the mix, and you have one tired momma. BUT, guess what? I am a momma! I still look at Jax and this pregnant belly of mine and have to tell myself it is all real. While I would give almost anything for a full day to myself to just rest and sleep, I would never trade being a momma for that day...

Here is what baby girl and I look like at 37 weeks...full term!!

And I honestly couldn't end this post without a couple of adorable pictures of our sweet Jackson. As he gets bigger, he gets cuter, I swear!

I like to practice holding my own bottle! This generally leads to Jackson pulling out the bottle because he can't control those hands quite yet, but he loves to help:).

And I love to sit up with some help! And how adorable is that outfit? That was given to him when he was born by his Uncle Adam and Aunt Katie - how quickly he grew into it!


  1. Your whole story is such a beautiful one! To have gone through all that you have and now you are blessed with this perfect family! A beautiful baby boy and now a precious girl! Wow! You give me so much hope :)

  2. How cute is he???
    Wow, you look great, especially for 37 weeks!!!

  3. lots of cuteness. you look wonderful and he looks good enough to eat.

    enjoy the last part of your pregnancy, I know you will.


  4. Okay, so I hate to have to stop following your blog, but that belly of yours just looks way too amazing!!! Did you see mine at 37 weeks? It was HUGE! You look incredibly beautiful and I can't wait to see your new addition.

  5. You are looking pretty darn cute. Went shopping today and of course couldn't resist picking up a a few things for my grandbabies. Not much longer and you will have to beautiful babies. Enjoy every moment, both good and trying, as time will fly by so quickly. Love ya and hang in there.

  6. Ooops, I meant two not to!!! And I'm a reading teacher. :)

  7. Both of you are sooo cute! He is growing so fast!

  8. I gave you a blog award :) Check out my last post

  9. Hey love, thanks for the email...I appreciate it more than you will ever know. I needed it that day more than ever.

    I don't know which is cuter, that adorable little boy of yours or that beautiful belly that is growing your baby girl. :)