Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jackson is 8 Months Old!!

Jackson has had a busy month for a baby boy! His bottom two front teeth are now in and he seems to be working on more. He has become a mover and shaker and rolls around everywhere (which makes taking pictures slightly more difficult:)). He has already gotten a couple of minor injuries from being so mobile, so we have to watch him very carefully. It's amazing how fast he can get from one end of the room to the other just by rolling! He also scoots a little on his tummy, but doesn't pull his knees up under him to crawl. Jackson shows some signs of jealousy and tries to climb in our laps when we are holding Addison. He has got the annoying whine down to a science, which is his way of saying he is tired, hungry, or wants to be held. But, for the most part, he is a happy baby boy. Whenever I take him out, people ask me if he is always that happy. And, I have to say, he usually is! He is such a joy!

Jackson continues to eat 3 solid meals a day and 3 bottles, plus a small bottle right before bed. He loves, loves, loves to share our food more than anything. Now when we sit down to eat, he stares at us and yells until we share. It makes eating in peace impossible, but it is so cute! He hasn't quite perfected feeding himself, he's still working on the pincer grasp. He does grab puffs though and bring them to his mouth. He just needs a little more coordination to make it all work for him. He loves to read a book with us before bed and it seems to really calm him down. He is still sleeping very well, for the most part, through the night. Very rarely he has a rough night, which really only means he wakes up crying a few times, but we think that is due to teething. Jackson has such a bubbly personality and cracks himself up on a regular basis! He LOVES to play peek-a-boo and giggles like crazy when we play, which has us rolling with laughter pretty quickly. He is also a ticklish little guy and has the cutest giggle when we tickle him. He also babbles a lot and does make the "mama" sound, but only when he's playing with his voice, certainly not a true word yet. Jackson gets bored very easily, so I find myself looking for new toys and activities to keep him busy. My next experiment is to bring out the tupperware, pots and pans, and wooden spoons and let him go to town:). Any other ideas on fun activities for 8 month olds would be much appreciated!

And our newest accomplishment: he pulls himself up to stand!! He is pretty wobbly, but if there is something worth it up on the ottoman (like a cell phone or TV remote for instance), he can pull himself up to get it and stand there for a little bit. I almost cried the first time he did it a couple of days ago - I can't believe he is doing this! He grew up so fast! Here he is showing off his skills:

I swear he is just the cutest baby boy ever - I see babies in magazines and think, "Jackson is cuter than THAT baby!" LOL! Everyone who comes to see him adores him. He has had visits this month from his grandpa and grandma E, aunt, uncle and his GiGi. His Papa comes next week. And he has won all of them over - they are wrapped around his little finger forever! Happy 8 Months, precious boy! We love you!


  1. He is perfect! Truly adorable and I love his smile!!!

  2. He's so handsome!!! I could use some more 8 month old activities myself. Paisley loves if I let her "walk" around the house by holding her hands. And she loves going on walks and playing with our dogs. (Sounds like a singles ad.) :)

    Can I comment that your house looks way too clean and organized for someone with two tiny kids???

  3. Faith and Jason are good at keeping their house clean and organized. Jax is a lover boy and is sooooooo cute. Love being hear to see all of them. This morning he scootched across the room. Go Jax!!! Love GiGi

  4. look at his dark hair and intelligent eyes! you must be such a proud mother!

  5. Yhe tupperware does provide hours of fun especially when they have stackable bowls, lids. My kids loved putting things inside cups just to see how/if they fit. It is true, Jackson won my heart taking care of him last month. As if he needed to do anything more.......

  6. He is seriously such a beautiful baby! He's at such a cute stage! I love the updates! I read them all, just don't have time to comment. You are my still blog with 2 and I can barely find time to blog with just one. I think I might start doing it on my lunch hour! ha!