Sunday, May 15, 2011

Addison is 3 Months Old!

Our princess is growing up fast! She is just so sweet. She now spends a lot of time being happy and babbling and smiling at us. She even has a little laugh that comes out sometimes. She also likes to make gurgling and raspberry sounds with her mouth and then watch us make them back. We have whole "conversations" that way! She is able to lie on the floor or on her playmat and entertain herself for good chunks of time now (15 minutes or more!). She is still such an alert baby, so she has a fun time just looking around and taking in the world. She is constantly moving her arms and kicking her legs. She has begun reaching towards toys. It's not a very coordinated reach, but she is definitely being goal-directed in her attempts to touch the toys. It is amazing to see what she has learned in just a few short months. She is turning into such a sweet little person!

Addison still does not love going to sleep. So, we have begun to rely on the swing (I know, I know, bad parents!). But, we cannot take the time it requires to get her to go to sleep enough to lay her down without her waking up immediately and crying. So, we have bought a boat load of D batteries and just accepted the fact that the swing is our friend...for now. Once Addison hits 4 or 5 months old, we will begin our sleep training. I have a feeling she'll do fine. She's just too young right now for me to feel comfortable letting her cry too much. So, the swing it is. I'm kind of in survival mode at this point, which means I will use whatever works to keep this house running smoothly during the day (or as smoothly as it can get at this point:)) and to get my 6 hours of (interrupted) sleep at night. Without the swing, it'd probably be a lot less and I'm barely surviving on this. She still fights sleep the worst at night (when I'm at my most exhausted of course) and sometimes won't fall asleep until 11pm. Usually I can get her down around 10pm, but lately she's been pushing it later and later.

Surprisingly, Addison seems to be really even tempered. I say "surprisingly" because I am not at all easy going! And with how fussy she was at the beginning, I thought for sure we were in for a very fussy baby. But, she has evened out so much. She really only gets fussy when she is hungry or tired. Of course, she is very hard to soothe when she is fussy, but my guess is that will get better as she gets older. Or at least I am hoping so! She does NOT like the car and makes her distaste known whenever we take her in it. We took a trip 3 hours away about 2 weeks ago, with both babies. Bad idea. I am hoping she will eventually make peace with her car seat. We'll see.

Lastly, my success story: nursing is going so well now! We have not had to supplement with formula in over 6 weeks. The medication I am on is doing the trick. There is more milk than little Addy knows what to do with. I usually have to pump or I get uncomfortably full. And I now love, love, love nursing my baby girl. I honestly could never figure out why people said they loved breastfeeding. I literally despised it. It was painful and stressful. Now I understand. When it works, it is amazing!

I have always known that bonding is a process. Not everybody falls in love with their baby the second they see him/her. I always loved Addison, my heart literally almost burst with love the minute I met her. But the stress of the first weeks really made bonding difficult. As the weeks and months have gone by, I have become in awe of my love for her. There are no words to describe how deeply, intensely and passionately I love this baby girl. Happy 3 months, Addy!


  1. Hi!

    I have beed reading your blog for a while now, but never commented. Which medicine are you taking for your milk supply again? I just started Reglan to try to increase mine and am not having much success sadly, I know there is another, although not readily available. I am wondering which you take, and if you have any other tips/advice on getting your supply up? I have 9 week old twins and despite trying my hardest, just can not get more than 20ish ounces a day...

  2. Hi Missy!

    Thanks for following! I hope you check back for this response because I'm not sure how to email you. I am on Domperidone. It is not FDA approved (They pulled it after an incident that happened with a nursing mother who used TONS of it). My lactation consultant had no concerns with it and highly recommended it. My OB did not bat an eye in prescribing it. You have to get it from a compounding pharmacy and it is expensive. So I buy it from a Canadian pharmacy for MUCH cheaper and they ship it right to my house. If you go to there is a bunch of information in his articles on Domperidone. I would not take it if I thought it would hurt my baby girl. It is completely safe in the doses you would take. If you have more questions on it, email me at

    As for other ideas - eat oatmeal every day, eat lots of high fat foods (eggs, meats, whole milk, etc), pump after every feeding (which I know is close to impossible with twins!) and have you tried fenugreek and blessed thistle? Pumping is the number one way to increase milk supply according to my lactation consultant

    I'm sorry to hear Reglan isn't working, it is so frustrating when you're just not making enough! Congratulations on your twins!! I know you must be exhausted! Also, I saw on your blog that you are supplementing with formula. I hope that's working for you. Just FYI, our GI specialist for Jackson told us that Gerber Good Start formula is the most gentle on the stomach for babies and closest to breastmilk. That is what we used when we supplemented for Addison and she did wonderfully on it. In case you are looking for something:).

    Ok, hope that all helps. Feel free to email anytime! Good luck - no matter what, your babies will do great - formula or breastmilk:).

  3. She is just too darn cute!!!! First two pictures she looks like Jason and the second two she looks like you. Great combination!! Miss her and all of you.
    Hugs and Kisses. GiGi

  4. Glad to hear things are going so well now!!

  5. I am so glad its finally the miracle that is yours. I know how determined and how hard you worked (can prove it!) There is something so tenderly satisfying to be able to sustain nourishment still, after the womb, to your precious baby. You will cherish it for the rest of your life.

  6. Hi, found your blog through AYWH and this post drew me in. I feel/felt exactly the same with bonding issues with all 3 of my children. Also my newest baby is only 7 weeks and extremely fussy/difficult so I am totally looking forward to sleep training in 3 mos., it can't come fast enough!