Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Addison is 6 Months Old!

I know I say it every time, but where did the time go? It's hard to believe that when Jackson was Addison's age, we had just brought home a new baby! Addison is such a beautiful, sweet and precious little girl. I am so amazed at what a wonderful baby she is. She has become a very mobile baby, army crawling all around. She can get anywhere she wants to go now, and she always wants to go! Changing her diaper has become a wrestling match - we always win, but she sure gives us a run for our money! Addison can sit up with a little assistance now but still much prefers to be on her belly playing. She also sleeps on her belly with her little butt up in the air - so cute! Addison does not yet babble a lot, but makes cute little noises all the time. And she sure can scream if she's not happy with something! She also figured out a cup this month after finding Jackson's on the floor. So now one of her favorite things is to drink water from a cup. She is so smart!

Addison has started going to bed now between 7 and 8pm and getting up between 7 and 8am. She had stopped her second middle of the night feeding for a good few weeks, but has picked it back up again. Some nights she can still make it with only one feeding, other nights, not so much. We have begun giving Addison baby food 2-3 times a day but she still does not love it. She refuses to eat cereal of any kind. So far, she likes carrots, squash, sweet potatoes and peas. She really doesn't love fruit yet - we've tried apples and bananas. Some days she refuses to eat baby food altogether, other days she will eat an entire jar at one sitting. Addy is still nursing and usually wants to eat about 3-4 times a day. Addison also cut her first tooth about 1 week ago! It is her front bottom right tooth, and the left one is just about ready to pop through too. Gosh, such a big girl!

Addison now weighs 15lbs 3oz, which is in the 35th percentile. She has only gained 7oz since her 4 month check up, but the doctor is not concerned so I am trying not to be concerned as well. She is definitely more active now, so this may explain the slowed growth. However, in length, she continues to grow like a weed! She is now 27.3in, which is in the 95th percentile! Wow! Such a tall girl! Her head circumference is 42cm, which is in the 38th percentile. The low number on this at her 4 month check up was a mis-measurement and she was right on track last month as well.

Every day with this baby girl is a joy for us. When she sees us come into her room in the morning, she gets a huge smile on her face, squeals, kicks her legs, and a wonderful day has begun! We squeeze her and kiss her all day long because she is just THAT sweet. Not a day goes by that she and her brother don't remind us just how blessed we really are. Life is good. Happy 6 months, sweet baby girl! We love you!


  1. What a pretty princess :) Happy 6 months!!!

  2. What a cutie pie! time is going too fast!!

  3. She is ADORABLE!!! And so tall!! Definitely will take after Mommy in that, huh?? You are right - I want to freeze time too. She also looks so happy.