Thursday, February 23, 2012

Addison is One!

"The mother-child relationship is paradoxical and, in a sense, tragic. It requires the most intense love on the mother's side, yet this very love must help the child grow away from the mother and to become fully independent." Erich Fromm

I have been avoiding this post. Maybe if I don't write about it, it won't be so? Ah, I guess that can't happen. My baby girl is 1 year old! What an amazing girl she is! Addison loves to babble and continues to have many sounds and a few words. Her adorable little voice never gets old. Addison loves to cuddle stuffed animals and baby dolls...and her daddy. She is quite the daddy's girl. She loves to snuggle with him and I love to watch their love grow with each cuddle! Addison is not walking yet, but takes a step here and there. It's hard for me to imagine her walking around, but I bet she starts within the month. I love watching her learn and grow up, so I am ready!

Addison is a thoughtful little girl and concentrates hard when she is working on a task - like unwrapping a present. But, if it takes too long, she is on to the next thing. She doesn't have a long attention span and wiggles like crazy. Sitting still is not her favorite activity. Addison constantly points and whines like a puppy to get us to do what she wants. And she's so darn cute, we can't help but oblige. She seriously has the most angelic little face. It's hard to deny her anything!

Addison still is not the greatest eater or sleeper. She does not love eating baby food OR adult food, so she just grazes and snacks on things. She still seems to love blueberries. We started giving her whole milk, too, when she turned 1 but she also just snacks on that. She doesn't drink whole cups of it like her brother does. She still prefers nursing, so that is what we do. She is continues to be up once, sometimes twice, to eat at night. I have to admit, my patience with it is fading. I am so tired after the nights she gets up twice. And I guess I have this expectation that she SHOULD be sleeping through the night. But, alas, I talk to many moms and it seems she is more normal than the books suggest she is.

My princess is the sweetest baby girl there ever was. She has the most beautiful blonde, curly hair and the softest cheeks. Her giggle warms my heart every time. I live to make her (and her brother) happy. That's all I need in life. So, as much as it pains me, I must say Happy First Birthday to my sweet baby girl, Addison Faith...I look forward to many, many more with you!


  1. Wow her hair came in so light! What a cutie, good luck with the sleeping!
    Also, I love the crown!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Addy! I can't get over how fast this year went and how much she has grown. I swear it was just yesterday you told me you were pregnant with this little miracle! She's beautiful Faith!

  3. She is gorgeous!! I can't believe she's 1 already!

  4. She is such a combination of the two of you but looking more and more like her mommy. Loved being able to spend time with all of you for her 1st birthday.