Sunday, February 26, 2012

It Doesn't Get More Gorgeous....

....than my baby girl!!!!

There are many more like this, but you get the picture! These pictures are AMAZING and I am so thankful to our photographer. She has done all of our kids' and family photos since Jax came home. I cherish every picture. They are only like this for a moment in time. In case you have forgotten how adorable Jackson's 1 year photos were, check here. Amazing! Well, I guess that is it - we have done all of Addison's 1 year festivities. I am now the mom of 2 one year olds. My heart literally feels like it could burst with love for my life right now. These kids are my world, and what a beautiful world it is.


  1. Soooo cute, my fav is the first cupcake one, so innocent!!!!!!

  2. She is beautiful!!!

    I'm a new reader - found your blog through Courtney's. I have to say I've been so inspired by your wonderful story - your children are absolutely precious! God is good:)