Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Trip

Our trip to visit family in MI was wonderful.  We got back about 3 weeks ago and we are still adjusting.  Jackson has not gone back to his previous beautiful sleeping habits and it has affected all of us.  We are all tired and grumpy for the most part.  Other than that, we have wonderful memories of our two weeks back home!  The beach was my favorite part....

What a beauty!

He loved the hole daddy dug for him!

Walking the pier as a family of four - amazing!

We have a picture of Jackson and me on this pier when he was just a newborn so this was a special photo op for me:).

I don't know why I love it so much, but this picture is just too cute.

I know I look silly - but this is me and Addy watching the Coast Guard parade - I marched in this parade for more years than I can count so it was such a sweet moment to watch it with my children.

Jackson and I waving at the helicopter at the parade:).  He waved at everyone and everything - it was a riot!

Another day at the beach - so sweet!

Addy meeting her great-grandma K.  This is Jason's all time favorite grandma and we are so glad she finally got to meet Addison (she met Jax when he was a newborn).

Jax had a huge birthday party too!

He was so excited about his presents:).

This is Jason's family (one side of his family anyway) - I love this picture!

Addy fell in love with her "Papa Jim," who is really her great-uncle.  

We have so many special memories from our time in MI.  I have over 500 pictures to prove it:).  I will say, the time there made us all the more determined to move back to MI as soon as an opportunity arises.  We always felt it was hard to be away from family - but going back and realizing how much we are truly missing, how much our kids are missing, was hard.  Overall, the travel went ok (we did have some pretty rough "traveling with grumpy toddlers" moments,  one special one with Addy that was straight out of my travel themed nightmares, lol), and they slept well away from home for the most part and had a wonderful time.  Jackson did return with an ear infection, though...just in time for his second birthday:(.  More to come on my big 2 year old boy (I am already 2 weeks late on that post:)).  


  1. Wow looks like an amazing trip! :) Great pictures too. Omg they are growing up too fast. Little beauties you've got there :) I want you to move back to MI too!!! I dont like that you guys dont have family around you :( Anything I can do speed the process along for ya? I can do some online job seaching lol Happy Birthday to Jax! Funny, he looks bigger than two!

  2. Oh Faithers.. You all DO have to get back to Michigan. Like, yesterday. You look so happy there!! And nothing, NOTHING overrides happiness! These pics are amazing. Addison is getting so tall! And Jax is (if this is possible) even cuter than when he was born!??

    Come to the boards when you can.. I have a question for you..

    Xoxo Courtney

  3. Wow, what great pictures and sounds like a wonderful trip!! It is so nice to be relaxed and have some help from family and friends. Jax is adorable - such a dazzling smile!! And Addison is gorgeous - love those pigtails. Can you believe how fast they are growing?? I think this is my favorite age - around two!! Can't time just stop here?? So glad you guys had fun.

  4. Wow, when did they get so big?????

    What a great trip! Those pics are amazing!

    I hope you all can get back soon, I just can't imagine dont it without family. And your trip is a long one!

    Two years, holy crap, I was following your blog back when you were still meeting the birthparents and thought he was a girl. Time flies

  5. I was so pleased to read that your well deserved family vacation went so well. Your family of 4 looks radiant! Isn't Addy GORGEOUS?! Jackson certainly was a handsome birthday boy. You should move home if you want.Life is too short to live away from family and regret it. XX

  6. Hey girl! I've missed you! Looks like you've had a wonderful summer! Love the new family pics in the header too!!

  7. I am new & wanted to ask if you were visiting a small touristy town on lake Michigan? I live about 30 minutes south of holland, mi. I go to the park or beach near lake Michigan almost every day with my little guy who is almost 2. Beautiful pictures!!