Monday, September 17, 2012

My little man is TWO!

Parenting is incredibly bittersweet.  I now know the full definition of that word.  In every new stage there are feelings of intense grief - so much magic and beauty gone forever, only to be remembered in our minds, hearts and in pictures and videos.  But, of course, with every new stage also comes new magic, new moments of bliss.  I always think parenting Jackson could not get any better....and then it does.   The two year old stage is amazing!

Jackson understands SO much more now.  He can actually help with things around the if we are trying to leave the house and I need his or Addy's sippy cup to fill with water, I can tell him to go find it and bring it to me...and he does!  He has SO much language now (I almost can't believe I worried about language for him, lol!).  He uses 2 and 3 word sentences (i.e. Mommy, more meat!).  He knows how to tell us what he wants (more water please) or what he doesn't want (no, no night night!).   He absolutely loves to sit and read books now, and I have waited for this for a long time!  Jackson has taken leaps and bounds cognitively.  He has great problem solving skills and can figure out puzzles and his nesting cups and boxes now with ease.  This is one area where you can see the 6 months difference between him and his sister.  Jackson is also learning how to do somersaults (he calls them flips) and he finds it hilarious when daddy and I do them to show him how.  

Jackson is our social butterfly.  He loves everyone (except nurses and doctors, lol!).  He does take a few minutes to warm up to new places, but once he is settled, he is confident, secure and independent.  It is amazing to watch him become a big boy right before my eyes.  Jackson makes everyone he is around feel special and loved.  Whenever family or friends spend time with him, they have to tell me afterwards how Jackson hugged them, kissed them, reached for them and loved them.  He has such a gift, and I am so excited to see where he takes this gift in his future.  

This picture really sums up his personality to me:).

I love this one - he is playing with me in the midst of pictures - it really shows our relationship.

Jackson loves his family.  When he wakes up, he asks for each of us and wants to know where everyone is (including Rory, our dog).  He gives the best kisses and hugs, you can tell he really means it.  Jackson LOVES to dance, and we have found his favorite - Michael Jackson, lol!  He tries to mimic every move and his GG even taught him to moonwalk.  It is a riot!

He is making me laugh as usual:).

Jackson is kind, generous, goofy, charismatic and perfect in every way.  I enjoy every moment of being his mommy.  I look at him and wonder at how things work out just as they should.  He is my proof that miracles happen and that life is good.  

This is one of my favorites - me and my angels.


  1. This made me cry a bit! adorable! I hate to tell you this, but your little two year old doesn't look like a two year old! BIG boy! :)

  2. He is sooo cute, what a personality!!!!!

    He looks like he is just too much fun!!!

  3. He is so handsome!!! Every day, I have those bittersweet feelings about the kids getting bigger. I want to freeze them in time, yet I love watching them grow... And I've never been so excited as the day that P could actually follow what I was saying. :)

  4. Two already??? Wow Faith he is beautiful (I think we can call our boys beautiful until they realize they are supposed to be handsome :)) They are going up and it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job as a mother. THey are very blessed to have you.

  5. Wow! How fast has that gone by!! He is so adorable!! I love seeing all the pictures! You are such a great Mommy!

  6. Hi Faith! New follower here. Had to say that those pictures are BEAUTIFUL and so is your family. I love finding blogs where there is a toddler boy a bit older than mine. It really gives me a good perspective as to what to expect soon! Feel free to stop by sometime and say hi (as well as leave any advice on little boys!)

  7. Wow! Love the pictures - gorgeous!! You guys look so happy and Jax sounds so social. You have so much to look forward to - can't wait for those stories.

  8. What a precious little man!!! Happy birthday, little guy!!

  9. What beautiful pictures! What beautiful, beautiful kids!