Monday, July 26, 2010

So Much to Celebrate!!!

So, things in the bloggy world have been heating up!! A few of my favorite bloggers have become moms recently. E adopted her baby girl in May - and she is absolutely gorgeous! Rachel adopted her precious little girl 2 weekends ago. And, a story that warms my heart more than any knowing everything that this family has been through, Barbie brought home her daughter - FINALLY - last week! So much joy for so many deserving mommies!

Let's hope their good fortune rubs off on us:). Did you notice they all adopted baby girls? Maybe it's a sign that our baby girl will soon be home?! We'll see! We had an AWESOME phone conversation with the birthfather last Friday. He is so incredibly amazing. I know I've said that about the birthmom, too. They are just so cool, and SO much like us. We could never have asked for a more perfect match - we would never have thought it was even possible! The legal situation continues to drag on. We will know an answer by mid-August and we are just hoping and praying that baby girl holds on until all of us adults figure out what is going on. I'd hate to see her born early and placed in transitional care as we wait for the judge's decision. Please pray that the judge makes her decision quickly so that we can all plan for our futures, for baby girl's future.

We are continuing to wait. I really should have named my blog something about waiting - it seems it is all I talk about! All I can say is thank goodness for the bloggy world. When my life is full of anxiety and uncertainty, I am able to read and celebrate with so many wonderful other mommies! I am hoping to join them very soon! Until then, I will keep you all updated...


  1. Faith, I am praying for you daily. I can't wait to see you bring home your baby and they joy it will bring you.

  2. Praying that everything is resolved soon. Will be praying for a quick decision.

  3. I'm sure your blog will go on even after you're done waiting...