Sunday, October 31, 2010

So Many Firsts!!

Wow, our precious boy is really growing up! Let me show you some of his amazing firsts in the last 2 weeks...

His new play mat. He LOVES this play mat, mostly for the singing, light-up star on the top and the mirror.

Poor baby was SO tired after his 2 month shots, this was taken after some hard core cuddling with mommy and daddy:).

I just had to show you that little band-aid - he had one on each leg. Broke his momma's heart.

He's figuring out his Bumbo. His head is still a little wobbly, but we spend time in it almost every day to help strengthen those muscles! He was more interested in mommy next to him than daddy with the camera in this picture:).

This is truly the GRAND FINALE!!! Today, for the first time, he took a nap in his crib! I can't believe what a big boy he is becoming. See that bear in the corner? That was the key. When that bear plays the ocean sounds, Jackson can't help but close those beautiful eyes and take a little rest:). I was so proud of him! But, I had to immediately tell daddy that mommy is nowhere near ready for Jackson to begin sleeping there at night...way too far away. We'll work on that when he's a little older:).


  1. aww, love the pictures and I'm impressed with him napping in the crib!

  2. I almost have a panic attack every time I think about Paisley sleeping so far away from me! She can nap in there, but I'm not ready for the whole night away thing either. He's so cute!!!

  3. Wow, he has really grown in even just a week. Cant wait to kiss your little snuggle bunny, hug my very best friend for being such a wonderfully strong woman thru all of the chaios and being a great friend at the same time.

  4. He is so cute snoozing in his little green onesie. He is such a good boy.