Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Addison is One Month Old!

Our baby girl turned one month old yesterday. The time sure has flown, although in the midst of her screaming, it feels like time just stands still:). Addison is a very serious baby, as you can see from the picture above. You can also see a cute double chin already, which clearly comes from my side of the family - not so cute when you are 30, might I add:). She gets a lot of her features from my side of the family, and I looked just like her as a newborn. If you compare this picture to Jackson's one month picture (back in September), you can see the two very different personalities. Addison still seems a lot like a newborn and is not very interactive with us. She has just started giving us sustained eye contact in the last few days. We each have also gotten a smile or two, as you will see from the next picture, but they are few and far between so far.

Addison cries....a lot. She seems to want to be awake all the time, but obviously is exhausted. So instead of just going to sleep, she cries and requires a great deal of our attention in order to *finally* fall asleep. And most nights, her sleep is not very deep, meaning she wakes up crying the minute I put her in her bassinet. I've been up with her since 3:30am this morning, for example. Not fun. Apparently breastfed babies don't sleep as deeply as formula fed babies because breastmilk is not as thick (reducing the risk of SIDS). I have talked to a couple of lactation consultants, as well as her pediatrician, and it seems she is just going to be a fussy baby (as opposed to being related to breastfeeding). The word "colic" has been thrown around a few times. Ugggghhh. Addison is very active, always moving. She kicks and moves her arms like crazy and is already rolling around, getting herself up on her side, etc. I blame her daddy for all that activity:).

Addison weighed 8lbs 6oz at her one month appointment yesterday, which is in the 27th percentile, so she is just a little peanut. She is very long, though, and has outgrown many of her newborn sleepers because her legs are so long. She is going to have her mommy's problem of not being able to find pants that are long enough:).

While she is quite a challenging baby, we love her so very much. We are very blessed to have our little princess. It often feels like we are doing this for the first time again with her because she is so different from Jax. His extreme fussiness did not come for a few months. His first few months were awesome. Let's hope she is the opposite and she'll grow out of her fussiness soon:). And here is one of her very cute newborn pictures...what a doll baby!

Happy One Month Birthday, Baby Girl! We love you, Addy!


  1. What a cutie! I love the smile and sleeping pics!!!!!
    I hope the fussiness gets better and you get more sleep and soon!!!!

  2. A doll baby for sure!! I can see a LOT of you in her! (must be nice!... Cash looks just like my husband! I would LOVE to have a little girl who looked like me! =) Oh.. and the double chin run in my family too.. =/ ... its so hot!)

    Anyway... that last pic of her in the white hat and purple flower is to DIE for! OMGosh.. what a cutie!


  3. Beautiful! She does favor you strongly. And those legs!!! I noticed that in the first pictures I saw from the hospital. She got Mommy's super long legs. She's perfect.

  4. Oh my goodness! LOVE the hat, she is so pretty! Sounds like you might have a diva on your hands. :) A very wonderful diva :)

  5. She's so precious!!! Paisley was very similar as a newborn and it was tough. But she has gotten so much easier! Hang in there. You're doing a GREAT job!

  6. Faith, Omg! I am sorry I am just getting around to reading this! Congrats again on a beautiful baby girl! We have the double chin a lot in our family, also - YUCK! But, we are not beautiful people like you are! And Courtney, I disagree with you, I see a lot of you in Cash - what a beautiful baby boy! Neither of my boys look anything at all like me (Thank God) !! Anyway, all this to say... if you want a less than very unhappy baby, than this is what completely worked for is a bit expensive, but worth it for every drop! Biogaia is the name brand of some probiotic drops. You just put, I think, like two drops or so on your nips. It worked miracles for us! My precious Lo is now almost two, sadly, but we never had all of those crying issues after buying those miracle drops! And I swear, I am just a mommy, I do not work for the company! Good luck!

  7. The Hartley Hooligans called, and they want their daughter back.