Sunday, March 27, 2011

Living My Dream (lots of pictures)

Not every moment feels like a dream...when I feel dirty because I haven't showered in days, have sweat pants on, messy hair and two babies screaming at me to eat and have their endless poopy diapers changed. But those moments are few and short compared to all the moments I just look at them with tears in my eyes. I am living my dream. Not only do I have my 2 babies, but I also get to stay home with them, and work only when I want to work for as many hours as I choose to work. And I get to watch them with their awesome daddy. And I get to see every milestone. And I get to kiss and hug them all I want because they are mine. And I just can't believe this is my life....

Could she be any more beautiful??

My goodness, she is gorgeous.

Daddies are SO much fun!

I am SO freakin' excited about this double stroller. I have been eye-ing it since we realized we would actually have 2 babies. I finally broke down and bought it. Don't let the simplicity of this moment fool you - it was like a military operation getting both babies ready and out the door for a walk to the park:).

Be still my beating heart....

Don't mind the diapers, toys, car seats, etc surrounding us...that is now our life. But, it is VERY rare that all of us are dressed (as opposed to being in our pj's all day:)), so I had to take the opportunity for a picture with my babies. Can you believe it?


  1. Such a beautiful family!
    One of the things I am most looking forward to is falling in love with my husband as a daddy, I am so glad you showed a picture of your hubby reading to Jackson!!!

  2. That stroller looks amazing! :) I want one. Just because :)

  3. Jackson is always so happy! He and Alana WOULD love each other! You have two beautiful babies and a wonderful blessed life! I"m so happy for you!

  4. Your doing such a great job Faith!! Everyone looks healthy and happy. At the end of the day.. that's all that really matters! It is VERY rare for me and Cash to both be out of our p.j.'s and in "real" clothes too (and I only have ONE baby) so... I am very impressed with the last picture. =)

    God bless you girl!

  5. I love to see you both reading to your little ones!! Miss you, but will see you all soon.

  6. omg your family is sooo adorable!

  7. Those last two pictures are especially heart-warming! You are so blessed!

  8. I wanted to respond to your question on my blog. No, nursing was not always easy for us either. I used nipple shields at the beginning because she wouldn't latch on, she hated my right breast, and always fell asleep while eating. It took us about 2-3 months to get the hang of it. Then, it seemed like everything just clicked. But I know some of my friends never felt like it went smoothly, so who knows? I hope it gets better for you really soon!!!

  9. It's pretty amazing. God is good!

  10. Seeing that stroller that drives better than my car.......But it carries precious cargo! See ya today!

  11. This post made me smile, as I am sitting in my sweat pants, pajama top, with dishevoled hair. Yohanna is upstairs sleeping in her PJ's still, and I am actually lucky I was able to get Sam out the door, fed, dressed onto the Pre-K bus. Oh the joys of a mom. Seriously. There is no other place I'd want to be. I'll take the dishevled "mom" look anyday over a primpy dressed up non-mom look! These babies change our lives for the better! It is excrutiatingly hard but the best thing ever in our lives!!!

    You had posted on my blog about donating. You can give me an email at and we can work out the details!

  12. We're 3 years down the road and sometimes I still think if I pinch myself I might wake up for this dream (complete with all it's action/adventure!)

  13. Oh my goodness your babies are beautiful!!!!!!!!

    I hope you are all doing well!!!

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  15. Faith, you have mentioned a few times about Addison's crankiness, eating, and weight. I just wanted to offer a little "possibility." Our Elijah spent the first 3 months just as Addison is. Very crabby, very skinny, etc. We came to find out that while he was eating for a VERY long time (one hour on and one hour off) he was not actually drinking more than about 2 ounces at a time. (I was producing enough he just, well, sucked and sucking.) One thing we tried was a bottle with breast milk to see if his mood improved after the bottle (more than the breast) and it did. BIG TIME! We finally did leave breastfeeding earlier than we hoped. Anyways, I have NO NO NO idea if this is similar to what you are going through with Faith (it sounds a BIT similar but it may be totally different.) And I know I got annoyed by people who told me what was what sometimes. But I just wanted to "throw that out there" as a possibility for you. I know I had wished someone would have informed me of this possibility earlier. If you want to email me, PLEASE do: and I'd be glad to chat with you further about what happened with our Elijah.

    (And your family is, of course, beautiful!!!!!)