Monday, March 21, 2011

His First Tooth!

My sweet Jackson cut his first tooth! It is the bottom front left one. I don't know if I should celebrate or cry. I feel this way with each milestone that he reaches...I love watching him grow, but I also hate it - our time is going too fast. The sad part of this? I wasn't even the one who noticed his very sharp first tooth. Someone else did and showed me. (Insert loads of mommy guilt here). I have been so consumed with my challenges with Addison (another post for another day) that I didn't even notice when my son cut his first tooth. Ouch. I know he's been working on a tooth for quite awhile, just have no idea when the darn thing popped through! Poor little guy.

In other mommy news, Jackson and I had a giggling fit together this morning during breakfast. It started out with him sneezing with a mouth full of food. You can imagine the explosion. He gave me the cutest look, ready to read whatever reaction I was going to give him, like he knew it would make a mess. And I just broke down laughing, which he thought was fun! And then he was just his happy self, giggling at the funny noises and faces we make. He is just so freakin' fun, I can hardly stand it! So worth the wait....


  1. What a cute smile. I love it when people have those smiles that take over their whole faces!!!
    I bet those are the moments that get you through the sleepless nights!

  2. I'm actually relieved to hear that you didnt notice the 1st tooth because I didn't either!!! He is so cute!!! I love the picture of you two. :)

  3. He is adorable! Such a happy little guy. And those cheeks are killing me! He was a cute baby but he gets more and more cute with every passing day! Can't wait to hang out with you guys and Addy.

  4. aww, your chunky monkey has a toofer!

  5. The little guy looks so adorable that I almost hugged my monitor. Well, I know how you're feeling. But hey, at least he's growing up just fine, right?

    -Kristen Marlin