Sunday, June 19, 2011

Addison is 4 Months Old!!

Our baby girl has moved from the newborn stage to the infant the blink of an eye. And, wow, she has really turned into such a sweetheart. She gets so excited when we come into her view, kicking her legs and squealing. She has big smiles (although we can never catch them on camera because the flash before the pictures takes seems to really concern her). She has an adorable raspy laugh that kind of sounds like she smokes a pack or two a day! She is ticklish under her little arms and just laughs so loud when we tickle her there.

(such a diva!)

Addison can now roll over to her belly and does it every time we put her on her back. The frustrating part for her, and for us, is that she can't get back over to her back. So she gets very mad very quickly. Which means leaving her to play on her own for longer than one minute ends up in lots of screaming and tears because she inevitably gets stuck on her belly. Addison also now grabs, holds on to, and manipulates toys. Her favorite is a little valentine eeyore beanie and she will play with that for quite a long time. She is very active and is constantly moving and kicking. In fact, she wouldn't stop moving when the pediatrician examined her and the doctor literally asked us, "Is she always like this?" Yep, she is. Addison loves to mimic your mouth and so she sticks out her tongue when we do and makes raspberry sounds at us when we do. She loves to babble and squeal and has adorable little conversations with us that way. She also makes an adorable lip smacking sound when she sucks her top lip and lets go - it's so cute you could just eat her up!

Addison is now sleeping in her crib as of two nights ago, which I am ambivalent about as you probably already know if you read my last post. She also cannot be swaddled anymore because she can break out and it is not safe to have that loose blanket. So, she went to her crib unswaddled all at once and she is taking it like a champ. The main challenge we have is that she immediately flips over to her belly and then gets mad. And we can't just flip her back to her back for her to sleep because she just flips back over. So she falls asleep on her belly now and sleeps that way. I had to buy an Angelcare Movement Monitor because that scares me to death! It should be here Tuesday. Addison gets up once at night, usually between 3 and 4am to eat, and I now nurse her in the glider in her room (instead of in bed with me) and put her back in her crib. She then gets up around 6 or 7am to eat again and I take her to bed with me and we doze until around 8 or 8:30am. Love that time with my baby love!

Addison now weighs 14lbs 6.5oz which is in the 70th percentile and she is 25.5 inches long which is in the (drum roll please...) 91st percentile!! She is definitely her mommy and daddy's little girl with that length! Holy cow! Her head size is very small, only 39cm, which is in the 6th percentile. We are not too worried, as her daddy has always had a very small head. We will monitor it closely though.

We love, love, love our little girl. She is so precious we can hardly stand it. Happy 4 months, our sweet princess!!


  1. She is adorable!!!! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow? She will also be TALL. Asha has the opposite problem - her head is big compared to her body. Our ped said there isnothing to worry about.

  2. She is a little Princess, so cute. Amazing the things new Moms know today. I wasn't ever concerned about the size of Jason's head although I know his and mine are very small. I think it runs in the Kubicek family. Great Grandma and Aunt Sharon also have very small heads. Interesting. Also, our babies slept on their tummies and we didn't have monitors, but it is nice they have those conveniences today. Gives peace of mine.
    Happy 4 months Addy, We love you, GiGi & Papa.