Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jackson is 10 Months Old!!

Wow, Jackson is so quickly approaching one year old, and he acts like it for sure! Jackson continues to be a happy, sweet and lovable little boy. He is the center of attention with anyone who visits and anywhere we go. He is now very quick with his crawling and can get anywhere he wants to go - and fast. And he's also very competent at pulling up to stand and cruising along furniture, so we are constantly chasing him around and moving things out of his reach! Jackson's fine motor skills are improving and he can now feed himself puffs with much better accuracy. He is still working on drinking water from a cup, but it's coming along. He also turns the pages of a book when we read his books at night, which we love to let him do! It makes the bedtime stories so much more interactive. My favorite part of his personality lately is his sense of humor. He now knows when something is funny, such as sneezing out food or making funny noises or the funny faces we make at him, and he looks right at us and laughs! He has the MOST adorable belly laugh and he and I can get going for quite awhile just laughing at each other and all the silliness life holds! He also thinks it is quite hilarious when he gets into trouble - we say "no" with our very best angry face, and he just laughs. Oh, wow, his teachers are in for it!

Jackson now has FIVE teeth, 2 on bottom and 3 up top. He really is a strong little boy and doesn't fall apart too much when he is teething. He has some meltdowns, but if it gets too bad for him, we just give him some Tylenol and he is back to his happy self. He still has many crying episodes a day, but usually that just means he is very tired and needs to go to bed. Speaking of bed, Jackson is still an amazing sleeper. He sleeps 12-14 hours a night and then takes 2 wonderful naps a day (usually). Jackson loves to be out and about in the world, so we are working on getting the babies out to do something at least 3-4 times a week. It may not seem like a lot, but that's a lot when you have 2 babies to haul around! Jackson is babbling a lot now, making the sounds "mamamama" and "babababa" a lot. He just loves to talk! Today at breakfast, he also mimicked my "yum yum" sounds, which was really fun! Jackson's favorite pass time by far is eating, which means we have to be careful to not overfeed him because he will eat all day long if we let him! Jackson very much loves his mom and dad and wants us close to him at all times. He will tolerate other people holding him, but prefers it if we stay in sight and he sometimes cries if we aren't close. He still has a huge pen to play in but wants us right there with him. His strong attachment to us is adorable - and can also be a little difficult:).

Jackson is one busy little boy. Keeping him happy and entertained is a full time job! He gets bored VERY quickly, so we are constantly looking for fun things to do with him. Today we are trying out our new kiddie pool! Seeing him happy is the best thing ever!

This little boy is just sunshine in our lives. I shudder to think where our lives would be had we not chosen this path. I can't even imagine the emptiness our home would have without our sweet Jackson Levi in it. Happy 10 Months, sweet pea!

(P.S. Check out my previous post today as I also posted about Addison - I was really behind!)


  1. Happy 10 months little guy. He seems like such a happy baby!!!

  2. He is such a precious guy - a dazzling smile. I love that toothy grin!!!

  3. I can't think of life without him either. He is such a happy little guy. Love the new teeth!! Love ya Jax, GiGi & Papa

  4. What a sweet little face!!!!

    I noticed your moment on Sarah's blog about offering up some adoption books. My husband and I are starting to look into and would love some names of good ones. I would also love any advice on how to pick and agency/find a birth mom you can give! thanks :)