Monday, July 4, 2011

Our day in pictures...

We got out of the house today! Always an accomplishment. We try to go out every other day or so with the babies now - usually in the couple of hours between morning and afternoon naps. It's always a dance to make that work between their nap times:). We spent a little time at the park today - our first time doing that with them. Jax went on a swing for the first time, climbed steps for the first time and played in the grass for the first time! I'd say it was successful, and we even beat the monsoon headed into town!

Addy gettin' some sun - but not too much! Is that bonnet not the cutest thing?! She is lovin' her new Beco Gemini carrier - we finally found a winning carrier for her:)!

First time in a swing! Fun!

Daddy is taking the picture, but look at those cute babies:). Even Rory got out to play at the dog park today!

First time in grass - there is not too much of that down here in Arizona. He didn't seem to mind it at all! Gotta love his adventurous nature:)!


  1. That bonnet IS the cutest thing...well besides the babes of course :) Glad you got out of the house! Fresh air can do wonders :)

  2. They are SOOOOO cute! I'm proud of you for getting out of the house. I know that must be super tough to schedule outings around two little ones. (It's hard enough with 1.)

  3. Oh, I love them!!! Absolutely adorable!!! We get out every other day too but merely for errands - to the store or whatever. We need to go to the park more. We usually use our backyard for her contact with nature - and she is still not sure whether she likes grass. I LOVE that bonnet!! And that carrier looks comfortable too.

  4. Wow. Addys getting too big! Jax look like he adopted the primate walk at least huh? You are incredible to take all of what you do in stride.

  5. Looks like everyone had an amazing day! I still can't get over how cute those babies are!

  6. Cutest babies ever!!! Looks like Jax is doing the first time in the grass crawl, not letting his knees touch. Much better that trying with two feet and one hand. Good job Jax. You all look like you had some fun.