Monday, October 24, 2011

Jackson's 1 Year Photos....

Yep, I am WAY late on this. Over 2 months late. I have no excuse. There are more photos, but it's too much work trying to get them on here (they are BIG files and take forever to upload), so this is just a sampling:). Our little man has become such a big boy. He mimics things now, he plays with a purpose - for example, stacking rings instead of taking them apart, putting all the play food in the play pot, making the "vroom" noise when he has a car or when he wants to push us in his car (a cardboard box he likes to ride in:))... It's amazing. He is communicating with his actions now - tonight he stopped playing and walked to the bathroom when he was ready to go to bed so I could brush his teeth. Amazing! He also walked to the kitchen after his bath and cried when I tried to stop in the living room. He wanted his bottle, so he needed me to follow him to the kitchen! I wish he could use words, but for now, he's making himself pretty clear:). Jackson has the most amazing laugh and he loves to play silly games with us and giggle. He now begins the play and gives us cues on which games he wants to play. And my heart is so full just thinking about it! He is teething like crazy, he's got some rough molars coming in. And, bless his heart, he STILL sleeps through the night. He wakes up crying now and then, but by the time I get the energy up to go in there, he's already back to sleep. That's my good boy:). Jackson is learning to climb. Last night, he used the throw pillow on the floor as a step up to the couch and then proudly sat there playing with the remote control, just like mommy and daddy! I just love everything he does! This is such a fun age, and he is such a fun boy. I'll never get over how blessed we are to be his mom and dad. What a miracle he is.


  1. Adorable! Loving the cake pics!!!! :)

  2. He is developing so fast. He definitely has a ritual before bed. (Thanks to a Mommy with a schedule) I can't believe he is getting his molars already, such a little man. Give him hugs and kisses from GiGi and Papa.

  3. Oh he and Alana would have some fun together! He's such a jolly looking baby! I smile every time I see a picture of him!

  4. Oh he is super super cute! I love these!
    I don't know how you have time to update your blog. You are a superwoman! I still haven't updated Ellie's 9 mo info and she's almost 10 mo. Maybe this weekend I'll get around to it.
    Love seeing all the pics of this sweet guy!