Monday, October 10, 2011

We Love Grandmas

We have been so blessed to have two of our babies' grandmas visit them recently. We live far away from our families, and the hardest part of that distance is knowing my babies do not know their families. I never had a special grandma or grandpa growing up, but Jason did (does). And I know how magical it can be for some kids. I want that for my kids. There is a special love that only grandmas can have for their grandchildren. I want my babies to feel that. They deserve it. I see other children around me with grandmas tripping over themselves to be with them and I crave that for my babies. They deserve to have more people than just mommy and daddy who think they are the best thing EVER. For now, we are just lucky that their grandmas choose to take their precious time and money to come and see them. Jackson and Addison are so lucky to have these 2 amazing grandmas - GiGi (Grandma Gail, Jason's mom) and Nana (my mom). When they are around, my babies are the center of their universe. I love watching that. You can see why...

Getting a "car ride" from GiGi - it is exhausting work but GiGi would do it for him all day long if he wanted.

At the pool. Two gorgeous girls:).

Another fun day at the pool with Nana. This picture reminds me of pictures of me as a baby with my mom.

Center of her universe, right there.

Love in a picture.

I also love to have the historical perspective when the grandmas are around. They tell us about how we were when we were babies, how much our babies are like us or not like us, and what worked and didn't work for them. Becoming a parent is such a magical time - sharing it with our moms is a blessing. Maybe one day we will be closer to them. Until then, we treasure the time they spend with us, and our two little miracles.


  1. So cute!!!!! I never had a grandparent I was close to either, due to distance, and I was always jealous of those wo did!

  2. As funny as this may sound, in that first picture Jackson looks JUST like his GIGI!!

  3. As I write this tears are running down my face. I love and miss ALL of you so much. I could keep up with the new news and changes in the two of you, but it breaks my heart to not be there to for our two precious grandbabies. When you have your own kids you think you couldn't love anyone as much as them but that is not true. These two amazing children are the dearest most special little people ever. We love getting the many pictures, being able to skype but it is not nearly the same as being there. We will continue to try to get out there as much as possible. We love and miss you soooooooo much Jax and Addy. Hugs and Kisses. GiGi and Papa too.

  4. I loved my grandma so much. I was so lost after she passed. I wouldn't worry about the distance. It never hurt my relationship at all. My grandma lived in Florida most of my life. If the baby we are having is a girl, I have several homemade dresses my grandma made for me (including my first communion dress) My grandma was so special to me. What a nice post. (and thanks for the encouragement!)

  5. We have that and it IS SO special! My parents just swoon over Alana, it's great! They are also coming to Disney with us in Dec! should be fun!

  6. Such a sweet post, Faith!!! Grandmas are the best and I know it's hard when they do not live close (our parents don't either). But, the quality time that they are spending with Addy and Jax when they are able to visit is what matters. I, too, envy those who have parents in the same town or just miles away... but, having them far away makes those visit just THAT much more special. And, I loved the comment from GiGi... talk about having tears run down your face! You are truly blessed!!!