Sunday, December 18, 2011

Addison is 10 Months Old!

Our little princess is 10 months old and not so little anymore! She is growing and learning like crazy and I can see the little independent toddler coming out in her - just a month or two and she will be walking around and creating more distance between me and her. Sigh...

Addy continues to be a quiet soul. She is so laid back and really just goes with the flow. She can skip a nap if needed and still stay relatively easy and well behaved. She has had to have sitters twice this month and was a perfect angel both times! If she and Jax are playing in a room, it's hard to remember she's even there sometimes because she can play so quietly and contently. She is concentrating so hard on the play and the learning she is doing. That's not to say that she can't be pretty loud and demanding if needed. She is a momma's girl and if I happen to leave the room when she thinks she needs me, the whole world will hear her protest. It does my heart good to know she still needs me!

Addy decided a few weeks ago that she actually does like baby food and has resumed eating 3 meals a day. We have no idea what started the "solid food strike" but we sure are glad it is over. The all-liquid diet led to poopy diaper blowouts 3 or 4 times a day. Not cool. Addison is still getting up twice a night to eat, but at least she goes right back to sleep and at least she stopped that 3 times a night business. I am coming to wonder if it was a growth spurt. Whatever it was, I'm glad it's over. Now if we could start cutting down to 1 feeding a night, I'd be set! Addison has her own way of telling us if she wants something or not - she shakes her head "no no" when she doesn't and she claps her hands if she does. It is hilarious to pull out a box of cereal or something and see her in her chair clapping her hands at me like she's saying "Yes, mommy, I want that!" She is just a riot!

Addison is incredibly gorgeous. Her beautiful blonde hair is definitely noticed by many. And it curls around the edges, especially after baths, and is so adorable! Her piercing blue eyes are also a striking feature of hers! She loves her big brother and likes to follow him around the house. And she is definitely the baby of the house and my precious little girl. I have the cutest Christmas outfit picked out for her, complete with a personalized onesie and tutu:). Love it! I am loving every second with my baby girl. It is hard to believe she is mere weeks away from turning 1. I still am unsure how I will do with that big milestone. My babies sure are growing at light speed. Happy 10 months, baby doll! Mommy adores you!

*On a side note, today is December 18. Two years ago today, we lost our second baby. Our world was rocked. The grief was indescribable. And now I am posting about my youngest child - I have TWO! CRAZY! I will always have an awful feeling in my stomach every time I remember our losses. But our incredible blessings have taken up so much space in my heart, I don't have to live deep in that place of loss anymore. I am so blessed. I will remember my second baby tonight, and I will allow myself to be sad, and then I will go to sleep with my 2 living babies sleeping just down the hall from me. And then I will be happy again.


  1. Wow she is soooo big!
    I'm glad the fod strike is over and that she is back totwice a night fedings! I don't know how you are doing it!!! I hope that ends soon for you!!
    Merry christmas, I can't wait to see her outfit!

  2. Happy 10 mths pretty girl!!! :) Wouldn't you have loved someone telling you two years ago on Dec 18th "Don't be sad you will soon have TWO babies in your arms." Just amazing :)

  3. She is the most precious little girl in the world!!!

  4. She is beautiful Faith and such a wonderful blessing to your family! I can't wait to see what you have planned for her 1st birthday party! :) By the way, I just LOVE her shoes!!!