Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Family Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas! It was our first Christmas as a complete family and it was perfect. Everyone was healthy and happy and able to enjoy the holiday, and that is more than I ever could have asked for! We got together with our friends and their family on Christmas Eve and had such a great time with them. Then we had a quiet day at home on Christmas Day until Jason had to go to work. We opened presents, ate lots of yummy food, played outside and watched Christmas movies. It just can't get any better than that!

I found myself wondering how life got so good so fast. Two Christmas' ago, we were grieving our second baby and wondering if the holidays would ever hold magic for us again. This year, we baked lots of holiday cookies, put out presents from Santa on Christmas Eve, watched our babies wake up to a pile of presents under the tree, enjoyed seeing them tear through wrapping, and started a few of our own traditions as a family. I just can't get over how fun this holiday is with my babies. And now the part you are probably waiting for:)...

I am LOVING dressing my little girl. Especially for special occasions:).

This was our attempt at a picture of both of them in front of the tree. Oh well, maybe next year....

The happy family!

Santa came!!

Addison's favorite gift by far. She hasn't stopped playing with this thing. She crawls back and forth through it squealing and rolling and having an absolute blast!

Jackson liked his pony!

He was so serious about the present unwrapping, it was just too cute! He could have cared less about what was inside, lol!

Santa left this outside - and Jackson LOVED it!

Seeing them together makes my heart skip a beat. Every time.

Santa gave this to them over a month ago, but it's still technically a Christmas present:).

This was my most treasured gift this year. I will never forget my first Christmas with both of my babies with me. They are my life. I love them so, so much.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope yours was as blessed as mine!


  1. So cute!!!!! I love her hat!!
    I can't wait for next christmas when avery will somewhat know what is happeing!!!!
    Merry christmas!!!

  2. Looks like an amazing Christmas with your loves!!! :)

  3. Jackson on his pony is priceless! And Addison coming through the cute!

  4. What a precious christmas! Happy new year to you and your precious family!

  5. Gorgeous babies!! I love the picture of them playing together. Isn't that the best? And it looks like they made out pretty well, haha! That tunnel is so cute! I think we'll need to get a slide this spring. I should've done that for Christmas!