Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Jason's family is in town so this is our first holiday since moving to Arizona that we actually have family visiting to celebrate with! We are loving it!

Addy getting in a snuggle on camera - love it:).

Ok, they were a teensy bit more cooperative in this one:).

Easter dinner!

Egg hunting!

He totally got the concept - it was too cute! I dreamed of doing things like this with my kids - now look at us!

Mmm...jelly beans. He's never had these before, so he was quite impressed, lol!

Our bunny princess:).

We went a little overboard with the Easter baskets - it was so fun, though. Again, it's one of those things I dreamed about, but for years really wondered if I'd ever get to do.

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope yours was as blessed as ours was!


  1. What is the deal?!? You're kids are totally growing up! I can't believe how much they change all the time. :) Your family is absolutely adorable and I love your extravagant Easter baskets. :)

  2. Wow. When did they grow up? Jackson looks like such a big boy now. They are too cute. Glad you got the Easter you have always dreamed of!

  3. I always dreamed about stuff like that too!!!!
    It looked like a great holiday!

  4. Love the pictures - everyone seems so happy!! Such beautiful kids!