Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friends, Old and New

My day began with a new friendship. I had the honor and pleasure to meet and hang out with J, a fellow blogger and expectant adoptive momma, in real life! We have been corresponding through blogs and email since I started blogging in January. It was so nice to start a new friendship and know that I am not alone. I absolutely love blogging, and I love even more that it offers opportunities for even deeper relationships. One of my most memorable moments today was when I noticed (and she noticed later) that we wore the same charm, she on her wrist, me around my neck:

This small symbol of our love for our lost angels reminded me that we are forever connected. No matter our differences, our spirits know the same loss. Soon, we will also know the same joy and love that comes with bringing home our babies. Amazing.

My day ended with some much-needed bonding time with an old friend, my oldest friend in fact. There is nothing like the history shared, the comfort and ease, that comes with friends who have walked through life with you for many years. This particular friend and I have had very different journeys when it comes to motherhood. Because of that, I find that we struggle to connect at certain times in our lives, not sure what to say all the time. But, what is always true is that we can undoubtedly come back together, settling into the warm comfort of a seasoned, tested, and strong friendship.

I am grateful for so many gifts in my life. By far, some of my greatest gifts are my friends, old and new.


  1. Yay for old and new friends!! =D

    Cant wait to see you bring your beautiful bundle home SOON Faith!

    God bless XOXOXO

  2. I'm so jealous! I want to hang out with both of you! But noooo! I'm all the way in NY! Too far for lunch! LoL
    I'm glad you girls had a nice time together though!

    And I'm glad that you had a lovely evening with your old friend. We definitely need those sometimes.

    P.s. I don't think you're lame for avoiding the baby section, or only have neutral stuff. This was the first and only gender specific thing that I bought. And it was only because I've been eyeing it for months! LoL

  3. Couldn't have made it down this road without friends - bloggy and real life. I love how God fills in the gaps just how we need him to.

  4. Yay for friends! There is nothing like the "therapy" of good friendship. :)

    I love the little feet charm. I've always wanted something to wear as a visible (but also fairly private) reminder of our Baby Mary who left this earth by miscarriage two years ago. What a wonderful idea.

  5. I love the charm. Where is it from?