Monday, June 7, 2010

More Updated Nursery Pics!!

The glider has finally arrived! I want to thank our amazing friends (who will go un-named for confidentiality purposes) for giving us such a generous and thoughtful gift. We could never thank you enough! We LOVE it! Without further ado....

This is a straight on view of the glider. The pillow was made with extra fabric guessed it, our "Arizona Mom," Sheree! How gorgeous is this chair, people??

So...I mentioned to Jason that I wanted some sort of side table by the chair to put bottles, burp clothes, whatever on. My mistake was mentioning it AT the store that happened to have this zebra cube. He saw it and immediately had to have it. The top flips over to just be a full zebra cube, or a table top as shown here. It is empty inside so we can use it for storage - I'm thinking toys:).

This is the view from the door. So, tell me honestly, is it too much? I felt like it was a little much with the whole zebra situation, but he LOVES it. I don't hate it, just wasn't the look I was going for:). It's cute, though...I think? I guess I should just be happy that he is so excited about something in the nursery:).

And I just had to share this adorable taggy toy I got during my shopping trip with J. I don't normally buy toys, knowing people will probably buy enough for three kids! But, I couldn't resist this one!

Things to still be done:
  • We need a tall, narrow set of black shelves for the corner of the room by the dresser. It's the only space we have left, and I really want shelves for books, the cute piggy (zebra) bank I bought, etc. Of course, can't find what I need.
  • A cute lamp, preferably with crystals to add some glamour to the room:).
  • Light filtering shades. We hate putting shades up, so we're procrastinating! I'm not a curtain girl, but we need to keep that light out - our baby is GOING to sleep:).
  • Paint! But we all know we can't do that until Babylove is identified as a boy or a girl.

That's all the excitement for today, folks! Can't wait to hear all your honest opinions (wink)!


  1. I personally love the zebra print! We haven't even started thinking of a nursery other than picking the room but we have both agreed that we aren't much into cartoon characters so hopefully I'll be able to plan a more modern nursery theme. Once you find out whether your sweet one will be a girl or boy you can always "baby it up" with cute little animals and gender specific decor.

  2. -I think it is so cute! And I don't think it is too much, at all! And how sweet that your husband is excited about it!
    -I hope you can find the rest of things things that you need!
    -And OH MY GOSH! I love love love the glider!!! Where did it come from? I need one just like it! LoL Hi, I'm a copy cat! :D
    -Did the taggy toy come from BRU? I need one of those too! Cute!
    -And I think it's cute that you said Babylove because I always call our's Babycakes! Hehe!

  3. I love, love, love the nursery pics! It is absolutely beautiful! It's also very fun! I can't wait to start working on a nursery. Not really at that point yet. :)

  4. LOVE that chair so sophisticated looking!! You will love the softness of it come those late nights. Our chair was also a gift - one we never would have splurged on otherwise. I think of the purchasers every time I sit in it :).

  5. I love it!!! The nursery is just perfect!!! Love the colors, love the furniture, love everything!!!

  6. Gorgeous,Sis! It's going to be a beautiful comfy room!When I make a nursery, I hope that I can find everything you have and make it identical! Ok, not really, but, that would technically be exactly what I want!

  7. Room looks GREAT! Not too much at all and I think once you get it painted and filled with baby paraphernalia it will look just PERFECT! Miss you! oxoxxo