Wednesday, September 22, 2010

As Promised....

Ok, they are not very impressive. If you knew me before, you can tell my belly isn't as flat, but if you didn't, you'd have no idea there's a baby growing in there! I can definitely see it more depending on what I am wearing, and I can still hide it pretty easily. What I can't hide very well is the major growing in the chest area:). As much as I've always dreamed of having a baby bump, I am actually hoping that I continue to grow slowly. The longer my belly stays under control, the easier it is to hold and maneuver Jackson, and he is my world right now. I do it all for him:). He only gets 6 months of being the only baby, and I want it to be amazing for him. Enjoy!

12 weeks

18 weeks

P.S. I HATE taking these pictures - they always highlight how bad my posture is!


  1. I think your little bump is cute! And yay for big boobies!

    The next time you take your picture, try holding your arms above your head. It will accentuate your little bump, and it should help correct your posture for the picture! :D Just might want to make sure that the your arms are cropped out or it may look silly! LoL

  2. You look great! I just recently started following your blog after a friend recommended it and I'm so happy for you. What an amazing story!

  3. cute tummy! your posture is fine, how have you been feeling? how was the first trimester? If you lived near me, I would give you a prenatal massage.