Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Month Old (yesterday)!

I cannot believe it, but my baby turned one month old yesterday. The lack of post on the actual day is indicative of how my days get a little out of my control sometimes:). Jackson is turning into such a big boy. Our favorite time of the day is after we get up in the morning and he has his first feeding of the day (the normal light of day, that is:)). This picture was taken during that time this morning. Notice his smiling? If you could hear him, you'd hear a lot of chattering, too! He just wiggles, smiles and talks away for a good hour! It's the best thing ever! When I look at him and talk to him after being distracted for a few minutes, he gives me a huge smile and starts talking more quickly. I can't believe he's already this interactive, if only for an hour or two a day. I swear he gets cuter every day!

Jackson now has some baby acne, which we are trying to get rid of. He has chubby rolls in his thighs now, which I know his GiGi would LOVE! He is getting into a pretty predictable routine, but still has an internal clock that gets him screaming for his bottle every three hours on the dot. Still no extra sleep for me, miracle blanket and all. The blanket DOES keep him in a swaddle, though, so I am still a big fan! He is a swaddle houdini, so anything that keeps him from waking himself up is something we just have to have! I know when his stomach allows him, he will be able to sleep longer. Jackson is not the kind of kid to miss a feeding, though. He is still very serious about his eating! One of my least favorite things about him (although, still love it all, just this part is not my favorite:)) is his pooping episodes - pretty much every single one is explosive, onto clothes and down his legs! Yuck! He is such a boy! AND, he only does that for mommy! Daddy is always sleeping or at work when those explosions take place...not fair:)! Jackson continues to fight sleep, and gets really upset sometimes when he is falling asleep. He needs his mommy to hold him tight and pat him to calm him down enough to finally give in.

Well, I could go on and on about my little guy, but I'll spare you:). He is just so loved, and everything he does is pretty amazing. I wish I could slow down time so I could really take in every stage. He is just growing so fast. We are going to buy a video recorder here in the next week sometime, so we can capture these moments. I wish we would have had one the last month, but it just flew by! That's also why he's not in one of those cute onesies (from Etsy I believe) that have the months on them in this first photo. I'm trying to decide if I should buy them anyway and we just wouldn't have one for month 1? They are just so darn cute and we can use them for baby #2, also! Can someone remind me where I can go to get them? Ok, now I'm rambling.

Happy One Month Birthday, Baby Jax! Your Mommy and Daddy are head over heels in love with you!


  1. Oh, he is precious!!!! What an ador-a-baby! So excited for all of you that this first month has gone so well. It only gets better!

  2. He is sooo cute! Doesn't the time seem to be flying by?!

    Here are the stickers!

  3. He couldn't be any cuter!! Precious! (And those poopie explosions sound familiar!)

  4. love how chunky he is getting!

    At lease he poops, believe me it's better that him not pooping like Alana has been doing!

    Also at least he has a "schedule" you know what to expect, with Alana I never know. It's always a big surprise! :)

    I hope sleep gets better! I"m sure with the pregnancy and all you are exausted!

  5. Although I am sooo thankful that I got to see Jax when you guys were up here, I do miss him something terrible!!!! Looking at that precious pic of him is reminding me that I have already missed so much of his growing up in just a month...Please give my beautiful Nephew a big hug and kisser for me. I miss those cute cheeks!!!

  6. Yummy baby!! I could eat him all up.