Friday, September 24, 2010

Simply Amazing

It's hard to understand how I am raising this precious little boy, but still feel like I'm in a dream world.

Yesterday, I watched a gorgeous baby boy with chubby legs and big bright eyes wiggle around on the examination table while the doctor examined him. All I could think was, is he really mine? How did this happen? He is so perfect!

Then this morning, before I left for work, I watched as my husband and my son cuddled together in bed, both fast asleep. They were the cutest thing I have ever seen. The sight took the breath right out of me.

Again, this afternoon, I was amazed. I picked up Jackson and he looked kind of sleepy. He decided to wake up a little and look up at me. When he recognized who was holding him, he smiled a huge smile. The smile was so bright and so big, he dropped his paci. My eyes immediately filled with tears, as they do multiple times in a day.

Again, I ask myself, is this really my son, my life? I literally feel like I have been planted right in the middle of someone else's life - that someone being one of what I call "the lucky ones." I guess it is time that I allowed myself to believe that I am now one of those lucky ones. Maybe the luckiest one of all. Because look at this beautiful baby, who I get to call my son.....


  1. Your not lucky, you are blessed! He is a beautiful baby.


  2. Those pictures are SOOOOO precious! You are right! He IS perfect!! I can imagine that when my little boy gets here.. I will also feel like I have been planted in a dream world. I cant wait! =)

    We are so blessed.. so, so blessed. =)

    Your little Jackson is a doll baby. =D


  3. gorgeous pics! amazing isn't it?

  4. Beautiful post! And beautiful photos!

  5. My goodness!! He is stunning! I would be staring all day long....

  6. Absolutely handsome! Love the new pictures!

  7. He is so beautiful Faith! And I'm so happy for you and the news of both your babies!! What an amazing plan being worked out in your life! Love the pictures!!

  8. Bookmark this post so you can easily find it when he is two and you are wiping his pee off the floor...again. And when he is 14 and he...does whatever annoying thing 14 year old boys do!

  9. Found you via RELH's blog. Just had to say that your precious little Jackson is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!