Saturday, November 13, 2010

26 weeks

The third trimester is quickly approaching, and my body is definitely feeling it. I still feel baby girl move on and off throughout the day. This in itself continues to amaze me. I have had numerous aches and pains, particularly shoulder and lower back pain. I am beginning to be starving all the time again (that was a BIG symptom for me in the first trimester). The middle of the night becomes my most hungry time (when I am awake, which I am almost every night to feed Jax). It is so bad that I can't go back to sleep until I eat something. I have also had a few bouts of nausea, but very mild compared to the first trimester. And, lastly, I am so incredibly emotional. The hormones are definitely taking over my body. I know that sleep deprivation is adding to the "crazy," but a woman knows when hormones have taken over. It's like you can see yourself going on a rant or crying uncontrollably from outside your body, but you just can't seem to control it. Fun! So far, I feel so incredibly lucky. While I do have some pain, for the most part I am feeling good. I can't believe I am actually experiencing pregnancy. I honestly feel the need to pinch myself. While the symptoms can be hard, and I can complain at times, I am always balancing it with a smile. I know how blessed I am. Because of what we have been through, and the angels we have lost, I truly understand what a miracle and gift this baby girl is. Please pray that she keeps growing and stays healthy in there! Here is what we look like this week:


  1. You girls are looking wonderful! =D

    You are definately showing now.. no doubt about that! I LOVE the way that you described pregnancy hormones/emotions.. the way that you "know" that there is nothing to be crying or angry about.. but you just CANT control it. Yes, this explains the excact way that I feel! LOL

    ((Just wait till 3rd Tri!)) Whew.. its a rush! But there are also wonderful things about it. Your little girl will start hiccuping (that is really fun to feel!) and it will get to the point where you can almost notice your belly growing DAILY. My mom told me it would happen, but I am just now fully noticing it at 35 weeks!

    I NEVER thought that I would experience pregnancy either.. it is very surreal at times. Just to think that "I am pregnant??" .. Wow.. Still crazy to me!

    God bless you Faith.. love you.

  2. You look great!!! Pregnancy looks fantastic on you! I still have days where I can't believe I was pregnant, much less gave birth to a baby.

  3. What a cute bump! You look great!

  4. OMG!!! You look so good with the belly!!! How cute are you guys!? LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!