Friday, November 5, 2010

Stay Tuned...Big News!!

I just wanted to give a quick teaser, as I realized that I have not yet shared with all of you that we FINALIZE Jackson's adoption TOMORROW! Can you believe it?! As Jason says, "It's already final to me." Yes, it is, in our hearts. But, tomorrow, it will be on paper, too. And that means something. I am actually very nervous. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Infertility drove that mindset into me, but I refuse to let it take over. Instead, I decided to share the exciting news, so you all can wait in happy anticipation with me. We are so blessed. You can be assured that stories, and of course pictures, are to come:)....


  1. Simply amazing! Can't wait hear the details and see pictures!

  2. we have had our daughter home for over 14 months and been "official" since july 2nd and that infertile part of me STILL worries! so its normal :)


  3. This is wonderful! I will never forget our day and the words spoken over us..."the state of Colorado deems it in Tyrus' best interest for you to be his will be as if he was born into your family..." The tears were a flow'n! :)