Saturday, November 20, 2010

3 Months Old!!

Jackson turned 3 months old on the 17th. Unfortunately, this was the same day we lost our precious King, so I did not get around to posting. Let me first just say thank you for all your kind words and comments. I still cannot believe the depth of my grief, and the ache in my heart. Every moment in this house, every piece of our routine, seems empty somehow. King's presence is so missed.

Now, on to Jackson's 3 month milestones. The biggest and best thing (I feel) that has happened with Jax in the past month is his laugh!! He had a squeal at 2 months, but now he has a full belly laugh and it is the cutest thing ever! We just sit and talk to him and laugh with him because how can you do anything else when he is being that adorable?! Unfortunately, what has come with the laughing is also more crying. I have known from my professional training that crying peaks around 3-4 months. I am hoping this is the peak and it will settle down in the next couple of months. Jackson has a very loud, very piercing cry and he has been using it more frequently lately. He cries when he's hungry, of course, but what he has been doing more is crying when he gets tired. Instead of just fussing and then going to sleep, he now cries...a lot. And it takes a great deal to calm him down. Poor Jackson has also had issues with gas and constipation this month, due to a formula change, and that has led to more crying as well. We are still working on finding the right formula for him, as he spits up a lot. At the current moment, we just switched from soy (which he was on for all of a week before we realized it wasn't helping with spit up and was giving him awful constipation) to Enfamil AR for Spit Up. We'll see how this one goes! Luckily, Jackson doesn't seem to care what formula he gets as long as he gets to eat!

Jackson is still not entirely interested in toys or objects and MUCH prefers us to be talking to him and playing with him. He loves to kick his legs and he really gets those things going when he is super excited. Jackson still loves to be read to, and usually can't help but fall asleep when we head to our glider and read books together. We've also been taking Jackson out more for walks, and he seems to enjoy those as well. Jackson LOVES to talk. I can't get over how much he talks. After his bottles, he will spend an hour or so talking and giggling, especially if we are there playing with him. He has whole conversations, taking turns with us chatting. It's amazing. I also have noticed that Jackson definitely knows who we are and prefers us. If I am playing with him and someone else comes to join, he immediately stops smiling and talking and instead quietly observes the other person. It's not that he's upset, but he saves the fun stuff for me and daddy:).

Well, those are the highlights. Jackson is our life, and is such a joy. These pictures are proof that he is absolutely the cutest baby ever:)....

He was laughing at daddy here!

He was given this teddy bear at the finalization hearing. So cute.


  1. He is absolutely adorable!!! And I love your shirt for 3 months. I'm not excited about the extra crying that may be heading our way, but I LOVE the laugh that Paisley is developing!!!

  2. He is SOOO cute, I especially love the one where he is laughing!
    It sounds like he has a great personaility!
    Good luck with the formula!

  3. I love his little dimple in that second pic. You can tell he is really tickled about something in that one! =)

    I'm so happy for you Faith.. and this post makes me want my little boy here soon!!!

    XOXO God bless you three (almost four!)

  4. He is a good little guy. Gma Sheree and him have some talks and he can hold his own on the conversation side! Gotta love those cheeks though. He love to go in the stroller and he is the hit everyplace you go (along with his mommy's tummy, which people have the need to rub!)

  5. Oh Faith,I am so sorry about your sweet King. I'm just catching up on blogs and reading about it now. It is hard...I know!

    Jackson is sooooooooooo cute! He looks like a little man. Adorable!

  6. oh so cute, I could eat him up!