Monday, January 25, 2010

I think we're on our way, folks!!!

I have been waiting and refreshing my email ALL day, just hoping and praying I would hear back from the CSS supervisor, since I sent in our preliminary information this morning. Just now, at around 8pm, I got a response! It's amazing how excited one email can make you! I wonder if those working in adoption know how much we adoptive parents hang on their every word. Anyway, here is some of what she said:

Thanks for the information. Your openness is a big plus.
You need not get your medical done yet, but if you do have an appointment, go ahead. The court will accept them for a least six months after they are done and a year out is not unheard of, not that I expect it to take that long.
I will be down to (our town) soon as I now have a birth mother near there and another couple who will be doing an international study, so I will be seeing them. I know I cannot come down this week as we are getting ready for our licensing visit on February 2nd. I will try to come down the following week.
I will keep you up to date about my plans to come down. It may be as early as February 8th. I have an MSW intern who would like to come with me and that is one of her two days with us.
Get your autobiographies done and I can get you the fingerprint cards. I know that both of you are already fingerprint cleared, but the court still wants results in their file.

Ok, holy cow (yes, I just said holy cow), did she just say she's coming here to visit us?! And that she doesn't think it will take a year?! And is she talking about the court already?! OMG! This is getting real, people!!!

Ok, excited rambling aside, I emailed her to ask her if she is starting our homestudy officially when she comes down. I had no idea she was planning on it and then she just threw it out there. So, we'll see. If so, we are REALLY on our way! I will keep you all updated. For now, I am going to enjoy this small step towards our dream. Let's remember the lesson Bob (From the movie What About Bob?) had to learn..."Baby steps..." This journey is made up of lots of baby steps, and if we don't celebrate each one, we don't truly enjoy this amazing experience.


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That's such good news!!!! Got a little teary-eyed myself. Keep us posted: you hanging on her every word just like we are hanging on yours to hear what's next!!! So Excited! Put that on your Journey to Parenthood, it's a wonderful "baby step"!

  2. VERY exciting!!! It does sound like she will begin your homestudy when she comes to visit you. I hang on my SW and coordinator's every word in their emails too!!!

  3. I hope things continue to go well for you and move along quickly! Australia is awesome and SO worth the boat ride :)

    ~ Jill (snake from ttc-adoption discussion board)