Sunday, January 17, 2010


I begin this new blog with a heavy heart, with feelings of loss, confusion and anger. I expect to end this blog with pictures of our child one day! This page is yet another attempt of mine to accept this journey we have been given. We cannot fight it. This is our path. So, if nothing else, I'd like to share our path with others understand what it is like to be on our path. I have found so much strength and hope in others' stories. I have no doubt at the end of this journey, when we can post a picture of our smiling faces holding our precious child, others will find strength in our story. For now, I simply want to thank all of those people who have supported us through this difficult time in our lives. Your love has given us strength.

"Nurture your hopes. Hold them close and understand that they are the seeds of good things to come."


  1. Looks pretty neat!!! This is all new to me... I didn't even know you could have your own "Blog".

  2. I will always have hope for you and Jason and look forward to seeing your pics when you are finally a mommy.