Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Missing My Family

"We're family. That means you don't have to do things alone. That's the whole point."
- Nora, from Brothers and Sisters

Once again, watching one of my favorite TV shows has turned into a time for reflection for me. This quote hit a chord for me today. I am so far away from my family and loved ones. They are going through so much, each one of them. All I can do is a send a card, make a phone call. My eyes burn with tears as I think about how wonderful it would be to hug them, see them, support them, and love them in person.

I miss them dearly. I hope they know how much they are loved, thought of and held from afar. I hope they know how much their daughter, friend, niece, and sister misses them. My heart aches to be close to them again.

A few of my favorite people...

This was one of my favorite weeks with my family. It was one month after my first miscarriage and I needed them dearly. I always enjoy every second I get to spend with my mom and sister.

This is my dear friend, Renee. Not having her down the hall every day at work or up the road when I desperately need her has left a huge hole in my life that no one else could ever fill.

They are all still family, and that means I am not alone in my journey, and they are not alone in theirs. What a blessing to have them in my life, no matter how far away they may be. As I go to bed tonight, I will be thinking of them, and all of our family and friends who are so far away, and sending them hugs from afar.


  1. your are so right Faith! Family is so important and so matter how far we are away in miles they are always close in spirit for comfort and support!

  2. *hugs*
    I know how you feel. I only get to see my family once, maybe twice a year. And it sucks! I miss them dearly, but I know they love me, and they know I love them. Thank goodness for phones, cards, and the internet!

  3. I understand. My mom and dad and sisters all live in different states. I only have one brother, here, and he's not the type to come take long walks or shopping excursions. It makes me sad that they all are watching Ty grow up from a distance...

  4. Aww, Sis, I miss you too so much! I think of you all the time when I'm just sitting here bored and I wish I could call you up and go shopping or do lunch. It's hard, but our family is tight and we will make it through anything. We're there for each other near of far, always. I can't wait to see you this Summer, it's has been too terrible long, that's for sure!