Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day is Here

Ready or not. I knew I wanted to post on this powerful day, but I wasn't sure what to write. There are many feelings in my heart, too many to write. This is my third Mother's Day since our first miscarriage. Three years of this day, all filled with pain. I hope and pray next year will be the one that is different. I pray this every year, so it's hard to believe the prayer will be heard, and answered.

I'd like to say to some special mommies and mommies-in-waiting out there:

Happy Mother's Day to those of you celebrating your first, precious Mother's Day after years of waiting, wishing, hoping and praying.

Happy (or tolerable) Mother's Day to those of you whose angels passed too quickly through your lives. They were here, and then they weren't. But, they were here. You are their mommy, and you need to remember that today. This day is for you, too.

Happy (again, or tolerable) Mother's Day to those of you who are still hoping, wishing, waiting and praying for happier Mother's Days to come. Keep your heart protected and full of love, remembering that your child will find his/her way to you. Happier Mother's Days are in your future.

For me, I know I am blessed. I have gotten multiple cards, a sweet package from my sister with a beautiful mom-to-be card, and I have a gift waiting to be opened when my thoughtful hubby comes home from work. I have cried multiple times today...not only because this day is painful, but because I have the most wonderful friends and family who allow me to both grieve and celebrate on this day. That is a delicate dance, and their support is invaluable.

Lastly, I'd like to say:

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom. Without you, Mother's Day would not be so special to me. Because, without you, I would not know the intense love between a mother and her child. Without you, I wouldn't have this aching passion and desire to be a mom, because I wouldn't know how important and special the role of "mom" can be. I am blessed to have you, and I will never forget that. Although we are apart, please know you are always and forever in my heart.

To our future baby's first mom - you are in our hearts today. We don't know you yet, but we already love you. My wish for you today (and every day) is that you are safe, supported and well loved.

And to my angels, your mommy is remembering you today...and your candles are lit....


  1. Happy/Tolerable Mother's Day to you!

    And always, what a beautiful post! I can only imagine how hard today is for you, based off of how hard it is on me. And I am so glad that you are surrounded by so many love family and friends. They are what get us through these tough days.
    I hope you enjoy the evening doing something special for you!

  2. To you too Faith! beautiful (as usual) post!

  3. Great post Faith, thank you! Luv u girl!

    My blog is down me and I will fill you in...I don't want to lose touch!

  4. First of all, know that I am crying as I post this...I talked to Mom today and I could tell she had been/was crying. The first thing I did was ask her if she's talked to you and she choked out a "yes" and we both had to pause to gather ourselves. I wonder if you read her this or if she read it. Your post was so powerful and thoughtful. When I scrolled down and saw those candles of our dearly missed family members, I lost it. I know it must be crazy painful to go through a day dedicated to something special, and that you have lost. But we also have reasons to be hopeful this year. Tonight, before I go to bed, know that there will be two candles burning for our Angels Lost. They will be in my thoughts tonight and I will say a silent lullaby for them before bed. And tell them how much Aunt Angela loves them and misses them. I love you, Sis, you are so tough. I look up to you for that. Love, Your Little Sis

  5. Faith, you're awesome. That was a wonderful post. I was thinking about you all day and hoping that you made it through okay. Next year...maybe we'll all be able to celebrate!

  6. Happy Mother's Day Faith (though a day late)! I hope you KNOW that you are a mom. Just one who has endured more loss than most that get to celebrate this day with their children gathered round their knees. Thinking of you and praying with you that this is your last painful MD.

    BTW, where did you get those candle holders? I tried to view a closer picture of them but it wouldn't let me. Are the words on them specific to the memory of lost children? If so, I want!


  7. I second Jill's request about the candles!