Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Names

Ok, I decided to move away from my typical kinds of posts, to solicit some advice for baby names, because we are struggling! I have surfed the internet and really only have an attention span of about a half hour before I get overwhelmed! That said, Jason and I tend to always have differing opinions:). So, in order to get some good ideas without having to look at thousands of names on the internet, I'd love to hear/read your ideas!

Let's see, my guideline is that I don't want a name that is SO popular that my child is going to have five other children in his/her kindergarten class with the same name. People always remember my name because it is unique, and simple. I've valued that, and I have loved that people comment on my name all the time. So, I want the same for my child, of course:). Jason does not want anything too off the wall, and wants a pretty "normal" sounding name, although he is ok with unique, as long as it's not weird. Not too hard, right? You'd think:)!

I also have it in the back of my mind that our child will have a first mom and dad. If we are close with them, we'd of course like to know their opinion. But, we have to start somewhere. So, PLEASE leave ideas in the comments. Those of you who are family, let us know if there are any names that are sentimental that you would like us to consider. We're all ears! I'm so excited to hear from all of you! Thank you in advance!


  1. This is one of the hardest things to decide especially when you have been waiting so long to be parents because if your friends are like mine, they have already picked up all the good names. Don't let that stop you...if someone has a name you like or liked, use it! For instance, I have always loved Reagan (for a boy) and it has been a name I've been waiting for. My friend just named her daughter Reagan and I still plan on using it. Our daughter's name is going to be Danielle after my dad Danielle.

    I love Reese and Cameron but G hates those names! :( I have a great baby book full of unique but not off the wall baby names. I will bring it on our date and let you borrow it! :)

  2. Hi :)
    I'm up at an odd hour due to having to change sheets for Amelia so why not come up with baby names!
    Amelia's name was chosen before I was even married... I had told my grandmother while she was in the hospital that I wanted to name my first child after her... which she thought was so nice.. Little did I know it would take SO long to finally have that baby girl...
    Her middle name is 'Hanalei' which is the Hawaiian name for 'crescent bay'...This is an AMAZINGLY beautiful beach where we spent a lot of time while on our honeymoon... People have asked if Amelia was a honeymoon baby... which ofcourse she was not, but sometimes it seems like a nice thing to imagine as an alternative to our actual family building struggle.
    So, I LOVE the idea of having some family name involved. Ofcourse, you have to like the name as much as the person... which can be tough....but as a kindergarten teacher that has done a lesson on names and had all the kids bring in the stories of how their names were picked... it was much more exciting when kids talked about family members they were named after and why.... or a cool story connected to the name... instead of, well, my mom adn dad found the name in a baby book and liked it. I mean, the kid didn't mind, but I always thought it had more meaning to have a little deeper reason behind that...
    Someone DID give me a baby name book which just helped me to realize that I seemed to gravitate to names that started with vowel letters... like Amelia! I liked a lot of E and O names as well... maybe because my name is Irene...? Our boy name pick was Isaiah or Isaac (we never solidified spelling because we were so sure she was a girl!) and teh middle name would have been after my father in law.
    Now that we are adopting, we found ourselves flipping back through the book and back to the vowel names... surprisingly, we loved another "A" name... which I had some reservations about but in the end our birthmom asked us for name ideas and we through out a few.. Adelaide, Avery, Avalon, Evangeline... and she really liked Ava, as did we... it was our favorite. Plus when we looked it up it was also a "old german" name in the baby book just like Amelia was and so it seemed to "work" as a sibling name.
    Her middle name was a collaboration of our moms first names... Daves mom is "Kathryn" and My mom's name is "Eileen" and so he came up with "Kathleen" We weren't sure our moms would like being "spliced" into a new name... but the meaning was what was important and we knew it would be special to make sure an adopted child had a family name connection...
    So, there is my LONG winded thought process on names... Now we get the joke (when we tell people our choice) about how we will be like the 18 kids and counting mom naming our kids all the same letter, they did "J".. I figure when we have 18 kids, we'll cross that bridge then... haha.. (very bad infertility joke?)
    goodluck... we were told it might be tricky to name our adopted child at first but the birthmom actually asked us for ideas and it was nice to collaborate in a way... even more special for Ava... (lets pray she comes home to us...) We're praying for you!

  3. I love the baby name game! But I'm with you on it being hard to pick one! And Kyle and I hardly ever agree! LoL

    Some of my favorite girl names: Addayln, Addyson, Annaleigh, Olivia, Paige, Hannah, Delaney, Kendall, Ella/Ellie/Elle, Ava, Grace, and Tiffany Nichole. (just sayin'. It's a great name! ;) )

    And some of my favorite boy names: Cooper (this one is my all time favorite, but our last name is Cope, so I can't really use it! LoL), Spencer, Parker, Channing, Owen, Oliver, Kyle, Ethan, and Preston.

  4. Wow...some good suggestions already. I love the name Ella because it was my grandma's name. I also like Charlotte, but my husband thinks it's too old fashioned. As for boy names...It's harder. I like Hudson and Harrison. I also like Andrew because it is dh grandfather's name. He doesn't care for it though.

    Good luck!

  5. Well, first off, I apologize for my "unique" taste in names. I would like to share some names with you, I won't be offended if you are not drawn to them as I was. Here goes: Girls- Reagan, Lily, Ruby, Andora(Andie for short)&(one of my faves,lol),Eliana, Melody, Chelsea...Boys-( This is tough) Micah, Jakob, Joshua, Maxwell(Max)&(Brian and I's fave),Gabriel(Gabe)&(Brian and I's fave)Dillon, Gavin...I'll give more when I think about it... Good luck!!! FYI, If/When I get a girl her name will be Lily Ann; Both Brian and I's mother's middle name is Ann, so we would want to have that tribute in there and Lily Ann has a pretty ring. :) <3 Ang