Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Month

I guess it is time for an update, don't ya' think? Let's see, the biggest update about the nursery is that we ordered our crib and dresser! It should be here after the 19th, and I can't wait to finally have that room started! I am still struggling with fabric decisions for the blanket, but I am only one more fabric away! Then, it will be ready for my dear "Arizona mom" to make - we are so blessed to have her doing this for us. Lord knows I couldn't do it myself:)! I'd like to also share my newest purchase because I'm so dang excited about it:

I have to admit, I'm not normally an "artsy" decorator, and this piece feels artsy to me. But I LOVE it!! It's ok if you hate it though - Jason does!! LOL!! Oh, by the way, it's a "piggy" bank in case you can't tell! I haven't decided if it will go right on the dresser or somewhere on the shelves - which I can't find. Yep, I literally cannot find the kind of black shelves I am looking for! I also found a lamp at Target I like, but still wasn't completely sure, so I added to my registry and we'll see what happens! So, the summary is, we have started, but I'm still lost! I am not a wonderful decorator, so I'm just clumsily finding my way!

In case you all aren't counting, we have now been officially waiting for ONE MONTH. I think the best part of this week was that our social worker (L) emailed me. Our certification order came in, so we are officially certified! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to be good parents because the court said so! How many other parents get to say that?! What was amazing, though, was the empathy that L showed for my impatience. She understood that the wait is hard. She did tell me that they have had some matches lately, so the list is shrinking. She also told me that she has us in mind for a young couple who is looking for a couple who wants a very open relationship and isn't very religious. That's us! Of course, who knows if they would pick us...and they won't be ready to look at profiles for another 4 or 5 months, which means they are very early in their pregnancy. She said she plans on showing us to this couple "if we don't have our baby by then." She also mentioned a couple other birth moms she is considering showing us to. Overall, it's all good news! I just have to learn patience. I hear the wait gets easier after about 2 those of you who are waiting, or who have your babies, agree? Does this ever get easier? I'll update y'all at the two month mark, and let you know if it's gotten any easier for me:).

That is all the updates for now! Keep a close eye out on my blog, as it is getting a MAKEOVER! I am SO excited to unveil the new blog - it is going to be gorgeous! Until then, happy blogging!


  1. I hope it goes by fast for you! I know it will all be worth it. Can't wait to see what you decide to do the room in.

  2. I love the "piggy" bank! I think it is a guy thing because G wasn't too in love with it! I hope something comes out of the birth mom's she is going to show you guys too! :)

    Love the new blog design and I can't wait to see your baby furniture you guys purchased! Not much longer until our date!

  3. Oh my! What exciting news... Its great that there seems to be a lot of "action" in terms of babies being born and birthparents looking for adoptive parents... I hope your wait isn't too long...
    I don't know if the waiting gets easier... We only waited a month before we were chosen and even that month seemed like forever! Ofcourse we don't know whats going to happen now with the situation we are in, so the waiting goes on... and it really isn't easy now because we know a baby is born! I wish I could say it was, but for us, or atleast for me, its really not very easy... but the best thing for me is to stay busy and distracted so I've been gardening and sewing a lot... Find some crafts or things you like to do and keep busy and booked. :)

  4. Your blog looks fabulous!!! :)

    That piggy bank is adorable. I can't wait to see the finished nursery project!

    I have a feeling that you will be matched very quickly! :)

  5. First off, the blog looks wonderful! Love the new look!!!

    Secondly, I think the piggy bank is way cute! And I'm so glad that you are making progress on your nursery! How exciting to order the furniture! I can't wait to do mine!

    Thirdly, glad to hear the positive feedback from your SW! I hope the wait does get easier!

    And lastly, of course you can come live with me! ;) Thanks for the compliments on our new place!

  6. New Design? LoveLoveLove It!!! Hey Sis, hang in there for the wait. You know what they always say: " Waiting makes the heart grow impatient..." Or something like that,LOL!!! I'm biting all my nails off for you so you don't have to!(Hey, I take one for the team whenever I can!!!)

  7. PS, Love the Piggy Bank!!!! Very abstract, just like me!!!!lol