Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The joy of nesting...

So, I haven't mentioned it on here yet, but I am planning our nursery! I have been inspired by Rebekah. She has the most beautiful nursery, and she also happens to have the most beautiful blog (Heart Cries)! Check it out! She has given me permission to post images of her nursery on my blog, so you can see the look I am going for. So, first of all, here is a picture of the full nursery:

And the chair I have been DYING to have in my nursery for years:

I found a similar one online at (it isn't cheap, but I LOVE it):

Here are the crib and dresser I found at (baby mod brand):
And here is really the best part, the blanket Rebekah made:

Rebekah CREATED this blanket - isn't she brilliant? So, of course, when I saw this, I just couldn't find ANYthing as wonderful. I asked my friend's mom, Sheree, and she agreed to make something like this for me (thank you so much, Sheree:))! SOOO exciting:)! I think I am going to go with zebra print (I'm copying Rebekah's creative ideas, but don't want to get TOO creepy:)). Here is the zebra print I am thinking of putting into the blanket:

Ok, so what do you think? I REALLY want feedback. If you can find something better (crib and dresser, black and white print for the blanket, etc), PLEASE send me information. I may only get to do this once, so I want it to be GOOD! If you have ideas on where to get cribs, dressers or gliders cheaper, let me know! This is shaping up to be a not-so-cheap nursery, as you can imagine:).

This is a big step for me, people. I have avoided having a nursery since our first miscarriage. I had a nursery in our first house, over three years ago, and the pain of an empty nursery is too much to bear. I avoided the idea of a nursery so much, that we used the room in our current house as storage for the last 1.5 years. As of last weekend, it is storage no more!!! The only things in that room are baby things! It's time to make a home for our little Baby E, hopefully to be home soon! Anyway, again, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I have this feeling that as I fill the empty room, my empty womb and my aching heart will begin to heal, also. So, I am officially nesting!


  1. I love zebra print! I can't wait to see the finished product of your nursery. That is super sweet of your friend's mom. I will have to say that when we started "nesting" I found my heart was healing slowly. I find so much joy in buying things for our soon to be baby.

    Unfortunately the class did not open G's heart to transracial adoption. As of right now, we will be either adopting a caucasian baby or a caucasian/latino baby. It isn't because he is racist (he has dated a few black woman). He just wants to live a "normal" life with our baby...he wants to eat dinner without getting stares or go to the store and not be asked about adoption.

  2. Two words.

    Love. It. =)

    I'm so happy for you during this time Faith! I know that you've been dreaming of this for YEARS! So.. nest away girl!! Nest away!! =)

    I too, use our "spare" bedroom for our storage and junk room. In fact, I leave the door closed to it because walking by and looking into our "should-be-nursery-room-by-now" room, is too heart wrenching! But, I'm happy to say that this post of yours gives me hope! Hope that I will someday get the chance to turn our storage room into a nursery as well! So, thank you! =)


  3. I think its AWESOME! I really think its sophisticated yet sweet... a great combo. I think the zebra print is very cool... Will you paint the stripes on the wall as well? My sister in law got a cool ribbon sticker thing from Pottery Barn and painted the top light pink and the bottom dark pink... maybe that can be an idea after you know if its a boy or girl? Our nursery was a guest room for awhile adn I used to lay in the bed on sad days and just imagine a baby in the room... You will have a baby in that room soon enough! I for one am actually getting antsy during this waiting phase though... ugh. I actually miss having to get paperwork in because looking back, atleast it felt like I was doing something! Here's to waiting... thanks for the great ideas too! We are redoing our kids room so I appreciated it!