Sunday, February 28, 2010

All adoption, all weekend (this is a long one, folks!)

Wow, this weekend has been a whirlwind! Before telling you about our classes and newest tasks, let me tell you about how wonderful it is to have family and friends who are so supportive. Today, I am highlighting one of my best friends (I have a few:)), Leann. We had adoption classes Friday night 6-9:30pm and Saturday 8:30am-5pm. We got back at 10pm on Friday night and found this on our bed:

We were exhausted, physically and emotionally. This gift was what we needed to fill us back up again, so we could go another day. It brings me to tears to know that I have such support during this journey. It is not an easy journey, nor is it the "normal" journey, and yet I have not had ONE family member or friend say or do anything that is not completely and totally supportive. This gift was a symbol of good things to come...she knew we were doing zebra print in our nursery, and she gave us a gift of hope, a gift of love. I am so blessed.

The classes were crunched, and consisted mostly of panels. We saw many adoptive parents speak, as well as a birth mom and an adoptee. We were in the class with only three other couples, so that was really nice. I didn't learn much...I have done enough research and talked to enough adoptive parents to know about everything they talked about:). But, our conversation when we left was classic:

Jason: So, what did you think?

Me: Eh, it was ok. I was hoping to learn more, hear more about what I don't know. But, I enjoyed it. What did you think?

Jason: I loved it! It made me 10 times more ready to adopt!!

LOL! Funny how two people, going through the same process, have such different experiences. I am so happy that it opened Jason's heart more to this process. I am also thankful that the daddies who presented helped Jason to see himself in their shoes. I am even more grateful that the birth mom, who obviously had pain around the loss of her two children, was able to tell her story and to remind us of birth parents' strength, courage, selflessness, and most of all, love for their children. We will never forget that, not for one minute. And we won't let our child forget it, either.

I could go on and on about classes, but I don't have the time and I'm sure you don't have the patience:). The next big thing that happened was that I took home a bunch of sample profiles (dear birth parent letters and photo collages). So, at 6pm last night, I sat down to edit my letter and work on my photo collage. I ended at about 9:30pm with another revised edition of the letter (I'm not sure how to know when it is done, when it is "good enough") and about half of our photo collage completed. Wow! This is going quickly!

What we still have left to do (notice how short the list is getting!):

Joint and Individual Interviews (Scheduled for March 5, we may have to do our wrap-up joint interview another day)
Medical forms (waiting for our doctor's appointments)
Another Financial Form we received this weekend (will be completed to give to her on Friday)
Letter, form about our family and background, and photo collage for THE book (should be done in next couple of weeks)

So, that is the deal for now! I have to say, everything became very real this weekend. Every parent that talked shared that they were picked very quickly. I realized I COULD be a mom within three months (but I know this may not happen, too). And then panic set in. I know we are ready, but...well, it is overwhelming! One of my biggest fears is how we will pay for all of it when I leave work, which I plan to do for 3-6 months. (And I won't even go into the intense feelings of loss I already feel about my job.) After that, I will probably go back for only 2 days a week, when daddy can be home with baby. That said, our income will be cut in half, and we will have a huge adoption bill (not to mention, baby furniture, accessories, diapers, etc). So, like I said, panic. I guess time will tell how we will do this. I just have to trust that what is meant to happen, will happen...and we'll be ok. And we'll be parents! Wow, can you even believe it??


  1. I have been meaning to write you back, I've been so busy (no excuse)! I would love to meet with you in Tucson! We would have so much fun together and I'm actually really exciteda about it!

    G and I had classes where I wasn't too impressed and he was and vice versa. It is interesting how some things impress one of us and not both...I'm thrilled that he is even more excited to adopt. I think the classes did the same thing for G!

    I feel the same way...I get all giddy thinking I could be a mom in 3 months! What agency are you going through?

  2. Awww.. what a thoughtful gift from your friend! I love that! So sweet! Someday soon you will be able to tell your little one where that stuffed zebra came from. That will be neat!

    I liked how you said at the very end of your post "Can you even believe it??" I can just feel the excitement in your voice. Its sooo sweet! If only your soon-to-be son or daughter even KNEW what kind of a mommy they are fixing to have.. they would'nt be able to wait one more day to come home to you and your husband. What a blessing!

    And I also appreciate how you mentioned the strenghth and selflessness of the birth parents. I am guilty of not recognizing that in adoption stories a lot of times.. so it is nice to be reminded that the birth parents are just as vulnerable as the adoptive parents. Its so good of you to embrace that part of your child's life. And it just shows how thoughtful you are Faith.

    I'm so proud for the blessing that is fixing to take over your home!! I cant wait to see pictures of your nursery that will be occupied by your little bundle!! So happy for you guys!!

    XOXO love ya girl.

  3. Oh.My.Gosh!!!!!!!!!!Ahhhh! It's getting soooo exciting, time seems to be moving at a bearable pace now and the finish line is in sight!!! With the letter I read last night and the creativity on the album that I KNOW you have, you are going to be at the top of the list for a lot of birth parents!!!! Shoot, I'd pick you guys to be my parents, you're so much fun and always doing something exciting!!! Hang in there and, it's going so smooth, I can't barely even believe it!!! But believe it, Sis, it's happening and the important dreams in your life are starting to come true!!! Hold on tight, it's going to be a WILD ride! Enjoy, embrace, appreciate this opportunity that God HAS given you and enjoy it to the fullest! We all know you and Jas deserve this!!!

    Love you so Much and our Hearts are with you 100%!!!!
    Angela and Brian

  4. That zebra is so stinkin' cute! What a nice surprise!

    Matt and I were the same way with our first adoption class. I had done all the research, so nothing was news to me...but to him, it was totally new! It's funny how that seems to be the case with lots of people! :)

    I'm jealous of your predicted wait time. I've been thinking about networking lately, since our agency doesn't do too many placements (long story about why we chose this agency)...I'll have to see.

    And yay for having such supportive friends and family! It's such a blessing! :)

  5. I think this is wonderful news. You will make a great parent. And once you hold that baby, you may still have money and job worries, but they will seem very very small. I am so happy for you. This journey seems to be going fast!!!!