Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fastest. Homestudy. Ever.

Our homestudy is completed, at least on our end!!! Actually, Jason still needs his medical form filled out this week, but we're not concerned about that. We did our interviews on Friday, and it went quickly and painlessly. The social worker kept saying she was "doing the Reader's Digest version." She met with us together, then Jason on his own, then me on my own, and then us together again. She said she did not see any red flags. Phew! She also said she thinks we'll have many opportunities to be shown because we are so open to different things. Yay!!! She emailed on Saturday and was already working on her report. I love this woman! She is on the ball!

So, this week I am completing the Dear Birthparent letter (ugggghh), the photo collage and the information for birthparents form. I set it up with the social worker to hand it all to her on Saturday when we are in Tucson, at which point we will officially be in THE BOOK! For this week, she said if a situation pops up, she'll call us. So, we are technically ready to be shown! I am struggling with the Dear Birthparent letter because it is fully written now, but we only have a page, and I feel like there is so much more to be said. But, I am coming to peace with the fact that it doesn't have to be perfect. I am also struggling with the photo collage. It looks nice on the computer, but when I had Staples print it on glossy paper, it looked too dark. Oh, and I made 11 copies which cost me $13. I figured it was the best I was going to get. But, when I got home, I just couldn't deal with it. I'm only a little bit of a perfectionist;). And, remember, this is the ONLY thing we can control in this I want it to be good. Another adoptive mommy who was in my classes told me about another place in town who might be able to lighten it up for me. So, instead of getting something done today, I created another task to be done this week.

I have to be honest...I am exhausted! I have been spending every free minute doing adoption -related stuff. I guess it is good practice for when we have the little one home. What I learned, though, is that I cannot work full time and be a good mommy. I am SO drained after work, and trying to balance all this adoption stuff with my job is just too much. When I'm at work, I'm distracted with all the other things I need to be doing for the homestudy or the nursery and when I'm finally home, I'm so exhausted and don't have the energy to give the personal stuff my full attention. I admire people who can do it all and stay energetic and on top of things. I guess I'm not one of those people.

So, there you go. Our homestudy is done. I think it took about 5 weeks...can't beat that! Now, we wait, and hope and pray for our miracle. Please keep us in your prayers - that we have the strength and patience to endure this uncertain wait with grace.


  1. Great news! Can't wait for you to get good news!

  2. I'm jealous! We started our home study in the middle of January andit still isn't done! I know what you mean about wanting your letter perfect. I would def. see if the other place can lighten it up.

    How exciting that you could actually be shown!! I know you will have a baby sooner than later. Ughh...I'm exhausted too as much as I love adoption this entire weekend was dedicated to it.

  3. Yay! Congrats! Our homestudy went very fast too but that was years ago and things were so different then! I understand the adoption related everything! My world was adoption until the day we were matched! Good luck on your birthmother letter I understand how that can be. I would get our done and be happy with it for like 1 hour then I would be like Oh yea I just HAVE to add that..ugghh..finally it just seemed right and we went with it! Best of luck to you on this awesome journey!

  4. Congrats, Faith!! I SO can relate to the perfectionist thing!

  5. Oh great! I'm happy to hear your homestudy is done when I remember you first feeling like it would never get started... Sometimes, time does fly! We are also in the waiting phase and frankly, I'm not loving it... Its only been a month or so since we've been "on the books" but it seem so much longer...
    Lets hope we both get through it with Grace!

  6. Prayers said, fingers crossed knowing you and Jason will be wonderful parents to a very special, lucky little one.
    Actually not "Mom" but Aunt Pat..XO

  7. Yea! That is such exciting news. You will have a baby before you know it.

  8. I am jealous that it is done so quickly! Ours is taking forever it seems...

    I'm sure your Dear Birthmother letter will be fabulous...but I totally hear you on the perfectionist thing! I'm the same way! :)

    I bet you get matched quickly!

  9. I know I'm late on this, but congratulations! That is fantastic news! I hope we have such good luck!!!